Unveiling the Huracan at SEMA 2019 and Our First Real Drive
In today's episode we start back in portland, 36 hours before SEMA load in deadline, and take it from there!
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  • Rob H
    Rob H

    You guys did some outstanding work on the Huracan but those multi colored panels ruin all the defining lines of the body and make it look patched together a solid paint scheme would look much more pleasing to the eye.

  • NEROJAN Ravichandran
    NEROJAN Ravichandran

    If you guys want to actually hear Kyle speaking, check this out: arsoft.info/hd/fydyw/aJJ3hIq2aYmw27g

  • andi für deutschland
    andi für deutschland

    seriously... bollywood? ( respekt for work! but....it's ugly.)

  • Oscar Montoya
    Oscar Montoya

    Your front tires are backwards!!

  • jaufro

    Great job mate, it's been an awesome build to follow ;)

  • Gabriel Perez
    Gabriel Perez

    Amazing job B is for build. Hell yeah!!

  • Lee Charlie
    Lee Charlie

    Why's Chris Fix wearing helmet Lmao

    • Ricardo The PC Gamer
      Ricardo The PC Gamer

      lmao he has a few pics of his actual face online, Saabkyle04 took a pic with him a few years ago.

  • BingBangBrine

    Lol Chris fix is wearing a helmet

  • Doug's Fan
    Doug's Fan

    ChrisFix in the crowd in his helmet :))))

  • 1MILsubsnovideos

    That body kit is atrocious

  • Doug's Fan
    Doug's Fan

    Steering wheel falling off lol

  • Joel Dazey
    Joel Dazey

    Love this channel....but really, really not digging the aesthetics of this build. It's like the car was being loaded into GTA, but only rendered half the textures. Strange angles, strange colors, weird body choices, unnecessary vents/cuts/lines, all sorts of mismatched pieces, excessive splitters. Obviously visual design is subjective, and the mechanical bits and joinery is impressive.

  • Stephanie Lebrun
    Stephanie Lebrun

    Anyone else noticed the loose steering wheel

  • stathis 888
    stathis 888

    20:06 Chris fix with his helmet Lmao👍

  • Giorgio Napoli
    Giorgio Napoli


  • Logan Delucio
    Logan Delucio

    Anyone else see Chris fix

  • Darren Hateley
    Darren Hateley

    Mate have a rest then get onto that Riva

  • Steven Sandoval
    Steven Sandoval

    Ok boomer what’s next?

  • Alpha Punisher
    Alpha Punisher

    I know probably tired from all the work and relaxing we patiently wait for more..

  • Alpha Punisher
    Alpha Punisher

    wheres a new video man..?

  • moto55yz

    You killed it!!!

  • DEDBRD1977

    Driving into Sema and his hands still have grease on them, thats dedication

  • Karl Angus
    Karl Angus

    Fantastic finish mate I love the lambo so much

  • Joseph Ignacio
    Joseph Ignacio

    Nicest lambo

  • Ruben Melo
    Ruben Melo

    If the build after this is a 1995 Corolla, I'll be ok with that, these guys have put in major work

  • BigRigsOverTheRoadRacing 2
    BigRigsOverTheRoadRacing 2


  • 03studios

    this would look way better if it was all white, the black accent parts are way too contrasting and ruin the look, great build thou

  • Michel de jong
    Michel de jong

    Sounds like a truck. En you're steering wheel is lose its like rebuild a stratocaster from Eric Clapton en build a Fisher price guitar module in there. Rip lamborghini huracan

  • Clarke89

    Wheels just don’t work look like stance boy wheels on a beast of a car 🚙

  • King Natchy
    King Natchy

    Holy shit Chris fix

  • NEROJAN Ravichandran
    NEROJAN Ravichandran

    If anyone is missing watching some bisforbuild (I know I am), Garrett just did a feature video with Chris at SEMA here: arsoft.info/hd/fydyw/esdnhna0irJrtNY

  • Marcus Wilkins
    Marcus Wilkins

    🌟Also congratulations on the Soon coming wedding.✌🏾

  • Marcus Wilkins
    Marcus Wilkins

    I must say how Extremely Impressed I am with Sema's Sickest lambo, yours.💯👍🏽✌🏾

  • Kunz Klingsor
    Kunz Klingsor

    Many colorful, beautiful and labor intensive cars at SEMA, it was a great show. But visually, the simplicity, maximum color contrast and Picasso-like counterpointing corner lines made your car the most outstanding, in my know nothing opinion. Perhaps I’m biased for having watched and sweated all disappointments in its process to completion. Awesome !!

  • David Christopher
    David Christopher

    20:07 You know, if Chris Fix didn't wear a logo shirt, he probably wouldn't need to walk around with a helmet inside.

    • Ricardo The PC Gamer
      Ricardo The PC Gamer

      yeah maybe, he shouldn't keep hiding his face. I can easily find pics of him online www.carthrottle.com/post/bq2g2kl/

  • Ken Sumberlin
    Ken Sumberlin

    Awesome job young man!

  • Mrinal Dutta
    Mrinal Dutta

    I want this car in the nfs heat trailer

  • Matthieu Homor
    Matthieu Homor

    Damn, this engine is well cooled :D

  • Alaric Niemi
    Alaric Niemi

    So I get that this was a lot of work, and the craftsmanship is on point, but in my opinion, “Spoiled it! Spoiled it! Spoiled it!” Personally I am not a fan of body kits on exotics.

  • Happy Gilmore
    Happy Gilmore

    This is such a bad design, a total redesign is needed.

  • Hi imaperson
    Hi imaperson

    You gotta take it to the Dyno now. I want the exact hp and 0-60 time.

  • Axel Shark
    Axel Shark

    And now what? Build a Bugatti on a budget? 5000HP

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M

    The seating and shifting positions look super uncomfortable but I’m sure it’ll get fix, I hope lol

  • Casey Young
    Casey Young

    That’s amazing Chris I’m so happy for you and the team!!!

  • Nick Manory
    Nick Manory

    It's crazy how entertaining this was and how fun this whole thing was...following the build was fun but I can't get over how atrociously hideous that car is. I can't wait for the next one.

  • Chester Rowles
    Chester Rowles

    I cloud not stop laughing when I saw Chris fix immediately. I was like what person where’s a helmet at a car show and I was like ahhh Chris fix lmao only he whould

  • topdee123tv

    Beautiful car, when do we see the dyno and blast down a track?

  • Andy's Auto Care Plus
    Andy's Auto Care Plus

    Got to see this at SEMA! Amazing job you guys!

  • Dave Burgess
    Dave Burgess

    Everybody who talks bad about this build. I really want to see your builds that show half the effort Chris put in here. Please link your ARsoft builds with your negative comments.

  • Kyle Dedrick
    Kyle Dedrick

    Why did you last swap a hurcan?

  • henrycwcw

    The quality of this compared to what tavarish did with the murci is quite different, did tavarish start earlier hmm


    When are you going to show the boat!?!?

  • DKTAz00

    And he never drove it again....

  • Josh Gray
    Josh Gray

    13:00. [Oh no]

  • Josh Gray
    Josh Gray

    Almost a million views. This is so friggin awesome. This is shit i think of and why not more of. So im very proud of you guys for doing this.

  • LR Lapua
    LR Lapua

    sorry, it looks like crap to me....that gap behind front wheel at door looks like total crap....

  • M R1275
    M R1275

    A mid engine Corvette🙄

  • vette life
    vette life

    love the build and congratulations on your engagement

  • vello sepp
    vello sepp

    Had high hopes for this build but its just awful

  • Theatre Knight Gaming
    Theatre Knight Gaming

    The steering is loose.