Me, Logan Paul & iDubbbzTV go on a quest to cure our color blindness
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  • Sam Koop
    Sam Koop

    I literally love this video so much

  • Kai Angulo
    Kai Angulo

    This tragedy kills millions of Ian's and Ethan's every year. You can help stop this by breaking any screen showing a colorblind test today. Help stop this tragedy.

  • Goudan'uff

    the Original

  • Just Ordinary
    Just Ordinary

    They actually got 1 million likes


    h3h3 and IDubbbzTV: **see color** also h3h3 and IDubbbzTV: **Intense Breathing**

  • Beckham Connellan
    Beckham Connellan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="476">7:56</a> The special needs kid when the teacher tells him a cow says moo instead of oink

  • D E
    D E

    ALL I SEE R A BUNCH OF GREEN DOTS AND A BUNCH OF ORANGE DOTS XD holy shit i couldnt stop laughing

  • FreewillMonk92

    Bring the edgy shit back no more pussy shit

  • Mieray Toufenkjian
    Mieray Toufenkjian

    Back when logan paul was known as "this guy"

  • Samow Samow
    Samow Samow

    Idubbbz and h3h3 made him Popular on the internet, i suppose

  • Spongee Bobby
    Spongee Bobby


  • Liam night
    Liam night

    1.7M likes, yeah fuck off logan lol

  • Justin Francis
    Justin Francis

    I can't believe in 2016 logan was just considered "Some guy"

  • Lbanek25

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="841">14:01</a> When she sends a booty pic

  • RallyFireTB

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="957">15:57</a>

  • gyhnj Nkoj
    gyhnj Nkoj

    He got the 100k likes

  • Over The Horizon
    Over The Horizon

    Sorry but he's probably faking. Anyone sensible wouldn't care that much you'd be like oh cool colors look different. But you'd go back to what you're used to.

  • hazza bazza
    hazza bazza

    why does ian look like he could play the doctor in the next season of doctor who?

  • Liz Sondag
    Liz Sondag

    When iDubbbz wasn’t a simp😔

  • Usnea Subfloridana
    Usnea Subfloridana

    This video is pure gold

  • Joshua Animate's Stuffs
    Joshua Animate's Stuffs

    Is That Ian Or Is That Young Stephen Hawking?!?

  • Drago Slays The Universe
    Drago Slays The Universe

    This is faked because at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="436">7:16</a> if you look at the two, he makes his finger outline it!!! But he says he can’t see it? Wtf...

  • Fadel_novalhidayat novalhidayat
    Fadel_novalhidayat novalhidayat

    Ew wtf why is ethan has pubes on his chin?

  • Donovan Reup
    Donovan Reup

    I'm colorblind give 100,000 likes pls

  • jesuip

    yay they hit 100k likes

  • KAZ Berry
    KAZ Berry

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="752">12:32</a> was that also part of the acting 😂?

  • avantjeef

    Hila filming this like whaaa

  • nick Gould
    nick Gould

    How did he know what colour his pants were <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="283">4:43</a>😂😂

  • Aaryn Le Quesne
    Aaryn Le Quesne

    You dont know the difference between a buthole and a pussy.

  • Hello There5
    Hello There5

    Wow you actually hit 1,000,000 likes. Flex this on Logan lmao.

  • XSkinny

    Can't you just smoke crack to cure color blindness

  • Izik Colman
    Izik Colman

    I cant believe this is three years old

  • Patrick Gehlsen
    Patrick Gehlsen

    Looks like ironically begging for likes worked

  • Rossisnaecool 123
    Rossisnaecool 123

    btw the whats that cool retro song near the end??

    • Braden Adams
      Braden Adams

      its called ram ranch

  • Cihangir Kazan
    Cihangir Kazan

    Would have been great if Ian just puts his regular glasses back on upside-down ^^

  • Minister Mishkin
    Minister Mishkin

    This was when I found out about Logan Paul. Thought he would fade into obscurity. Oh was I unaware of the things to come.

  • iSwearToCod

    i feel so happy to have only just seen this for the first time

    • Dr Merky
      Dr Merky

      Wish I could do that again :(

  • Mollywopper

    I miss 2016 ARsoft

  • Fsy North
    Fsy North

    With recent drama between h3h3 and keem (i dont support either side, there is no reason to fight) this video is just amazing to watch. Man i miss idubbbz

  • Giltor_878

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="540">9:00</a> best part of this whole video

  • Kite The Dank
    Kite The Dank

    Person: has fun on ARsoft Nerds: So u chosen judgment

  • Aserix Sr
    Aserix Sr

    imagine walking down the street minding your won business then watching two guys make these sounds <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="885">14:45</a>

  • Aserix Sr
    Aserix Sr

    pewdiepie should be in this video

    • Aserix Sr
      Aserix Sr

      @Braden Adams just an opinion

    • Braden Adams
      Braden Adams

      close your mouth

  • Mackleboy

    Ethan and Ian: "Can we PLEASE get 100k" The actual likes: *1.7 million*

  • YaYBoiCanice

    So emotional

  • KraZe Elk
    KraZe Elk

    This is peak h3h3, it’s all down hill from here...

  • ObviouslyIceTea

    1.7 mil

  • Danielle Lopez
    Danielle Lopez

    "I have powers."

  • The Thought Machine
    The Thought Machine

    CAn wE GeT TO 1 MIIIIIIIIIILLION LIKES!!!🤣😫🤩🤪😩🤮🤑🤕😹🤣😍 Edit: I hate my own comment

    • Cade-o

      fuck you

  • Saskk

    69 tits LOL

  • Yoonminx

    The fact that they actually got 1mil likes-

  • Nate Rubio
    Nate Rubio

    Drama in a nutshell

  • Kronik

    This is a piece of ARsoft history.

  • Michardxsan


  • shirley leen
    shirley leen


  • Coulomb1

    I don't know if you guys didn't know this, but it's actually FAKE.

    • lego clone trooper
      lego clone trooper


  • Bowin Rondeau
    Bowin Rondeau

    Fucking Ian smashing that bottle gets me everytime😂

  • Nick Lai
    Nick Lai

    Hahahah This guy! Logan mentions his pink pyjama fluffy pants at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="283">4:43</a> and couldn't see the Pink/Purple number 4 at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="463">7:43</a>

  • Hind El Aouani
    Hind El Aouani

    i keep coming back to this masterpiece

  • 2tall

    We need to see this collab again

  • Daddy Mememachine
    Daddy Mememachine


  • Draoh

    1.7 million likes

  • Mist-

    He did it again

  • nenard yako
    nenard yako

    Why dident anyone realize that at the beginning of the number test he claimed he couldn't see the pink colored numbers yet he knew he was wearing a pink sweat pants!

    • Ra ra kids animations Yeah
      Ra ra kids animations Yeah

      I think because we all noticed that

  • Callum Green Hedge
    Callum Green Hedge

    The colab we needed, But the colob we didnt deserve

  • the running man
    the running man

    the good old days of youtube if only we could go back

    • Cool video WORLD Cool video planet
      Cool video WORLD Cool video planet

      For real though

  • I_MisHalf_MShots

    Dam when h3h3 was at his peak and funny but now he is a salt shaker 🧂

    • Ra ra kids animations Yeah
      Ra ra kids animations Yeah

      His keemstar videos are really entertaining and insightful

  • Xzavier Guzman
    Xzavier Guzman

    2016 ARsoft was a golden era

  • Bradyn

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="731">12:11</a> just a replay button :)

  • Bkfatkid 13
    Bkfatkid 13

    They called Logan Paul “this guy.” This was before he’d done *anything*

  • Tali Parowski
    Tali Parowski

    It’s crazy that they really got a million likes

  • Al42 M0r4l35
    Al42 M0r4l35

    Nice of you to mock color blind ppl

    • Al42 M0r4l35
      Al42 M0r4l35

      @Lightning Jack r/woosh

    • Lightning Jack
      Lightning Jack

      It's satire, for the purpose of comedy.

    • Fun Roblox Gaming with ya nigga
      Fun Roblox Gaming with ya nigga

      He’s not colorblind...

    • Al42 M0r4l35
      Al42 M0r4l35

      @I_MisHalf_MShots moose

    • I_MisHalf_MShots

      They’re making fun of him because he isn’t color blind

  • Jake B
    Jake B

    Whats reasonable 500,000 likes? 1 million likes?

  • Twisky

    It takes 30-60 mins to take effect so it’s DEFINITELY FAKE

  • ThePlyrMava

    4 years later, Logan is still a pos. God I hope he gets run over

  • The Illumanati Will Find You
    The Illumanati Will Find You

    This was the golden age of youtube

  • Leg

    The two brave soldiers sent to take down the monstrous snake...... Keemstar

  • Clarice St
    Clarice St

    I actually hate how handsome i find ian :|

  • William dabill
    William dabill

    1.7 million likes

  • Manguin

    Back when Logan Paul was just “some guy”

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