You can't outrun destiny just because you're terrified of it. Henry Cavill is Geralt of Rivia. The Witcher arrives December 20.
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The witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.

  • Kaczka

    Coconut Chicken

  • Ouro Boros
    Ouro Boros

    If Netflix does Witcher right, it will become the new leading fantasy series in the world, maybe even the greatest to date.

  • Ouro Boros
    Ouro Boros

    "I thought you had beard or mustache or something" "I had them removed with CGI"

  • forbiddenXsanctuary

    I always thought of Geralt as the batman of the Ye Olden days lol

  • Martin Zvara
    Martin Zvara

    It will be great!

  • Hiacynt

    ridiculus fact is that 3 main characters ( gerald, yennyfer,ciri) all are played with not mached actors

    • Jaroslav Mihok
      Jaroslav Mihok

      i disagree

  • Нурия Диденко
    Нурия Диденко

    The best

  • Vin Delanos
    Vin Delanos

    Much to my surprise, the show looks pretty good. I'm looking forward to watching it.

  • mike losinger
    mike losinger

    Wow, took me a minute before I realized that he is Superman.

  • gangrail

    I still find it odd superman is in this

  • Dexter Morgan
    Dexter Morgan

    Love Netflix from India all youth love Netflix ❤️🤘🤩😍😎🤗😊🖤 give HD for basic plan atleast for 500rupees a month I deserve 1080p atleast ! Please Netflix

  • I Stomp
    I Stomp

    All we want is beard gerald

    • Jaroslav Mihok
      Jaroslav Mihok

      not all :D

  • RonDaDon

    Please be good. Loved the Witcher 3. Fingers crossed this is good

  • Javier Cortés
    Javier Cortés

    I'm horny because of this

  • Archmage

    Where's his serpent eyes tho?

    • Jaroslav Mihok
      Jaroslav Mihok

      the games eyes are not entiry correct. Cat-like eyes that grant very acute nightvision - witchers can constrict their pupils to see in blinding light or open them to see in near pitch darkness. This nightvision can be further enhanced with the cat potion, but in general, it is good enough by itself to not require further enhancement

    • Michał Hryc
      Michał Hryc

      Serpent? Cats3 eyes

  • Big Worm
    Big Worm

    Hope he fancies a game of gwent

    • dueeh nyyu
      dueeh nyyu

      Good films

  • Malika Karimova
    Malika Karimova

    I hope this will be very interesting

    • dueeh nyyu
      dueeh nyyu

      the hype will kick him

  • Venkat Shastry
    Venkat Shastry

    LSD affects kryptonians too... Damn

  • daniel morris
    daniel morris

    A lot a game references~ but I gotta add, if you don't read the books, you're doing yourself (and it's author) a great disservice. 'Chaos needs discipline and reading!' *wink*

  • Slava Green
    Slava Green

    Glam witcher

  • EazyLee Gaming
    EazyLee Gaming

    Still disappointed with the casting I don't rate Henry much as an actor but will probably still give it a go

  • john wayne
    john wayne

    Will all episodes be release at once? Just like ST?

    • Jaroslav Mihok
      Jaroslav Mihok

      yes they should be release at once

  • Coko

    I know this is more based on the original book but DAMN Henry nailed that Geralt voice from The Witcher game series.

  • sons ofthestorm
    sons ofthestorm

    is he gonna.. you know.. fight monster ? which is the point of all of it..? cause i haven't seen one in there

    • KazanKhan

      He will fight monsters but do not expect him to come across monsters every second like in the witcher games

    • Jaroslav Mihok
      Jaroslav Mihok

      showrunner said ... they want to surpirse with monsters thats why you don see much monsters in these trailers ... they even create new ones based on Polish folklore

  • mountopian 1
    mountopian 1

    Superman as a old lady, ... great.

  • Star Boy
    Star Boy

    Still butt hurt it wasn’t mads mikkelsen

  • Carl

    No blacks in Eastern Europe. For fairness black panther 2 will be lead by an all White and Asian cast.

    • Jaroslav Mihok
      Jaroslav Mihok

      author only use as inspiration of Europe culture this is not hystorical show about Europe ... none mentioned in witcher Europe ! deal with that or just do not watch this show

    • Provoking Truth
      Provoking Truth

      Can you not think for yourself?

    • Provoking Truth
      Provoking Truth

      It's set in a fantasy land you moron

  • us real
    us real

    Ooo... Netflix adaptation. Exciting.

  • devin augo
    devin augo

    When Is this coming out?????

    • Jaroslav Mihok
      Jaroslav Mihok

      20th December

  • David Dailey
    David Dailey

    People say he only has one sword. He has about 30 more in his inventory that he hasn't used for years.

  • TeamPonyRS

    I bought witcher 3 since release probably 5-6 times but i was never able to finish the game. Still have my complete edition waiting to get touched, what im sure after seeing this the hype will kick him

  • Good Pablo
    Good Pablo

    Good films

  • A P
    A P

    Good stuff

  • Oisin Fitzgerald
    Oisin Fitzgerald

    I know it's for tv and all, but Geralt seems way too serious...

  • highihiggins

    But will he play Gwent?

  • Viking Shaman
    Viking Shaman

    WTF!!!!!!??? I gotta wait a month for this, come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • شريف الرشيدي
    شريف الرشيدي

    I love the series, which is about a single hero, but the question is when the movie will come to Netflix

    • شريف الرشيدي
      شريف الرشيدي

      yaliso gioouy I didn't understand what you mean by silver and 5 minutes

    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy

      I better hear "How do you like that Silver?" at least 5 times an episode

  • itty bitty titty committee founding president
    itty bitty titty committee founding president

    this would be so fire if Henry Cavill could act.

    • itty bitty titty committee founding president
      itty bitty titty committee founding president

      @Provoking Truth still would rather *yeet* myself off a bridge than see this xxx

    • itty bitty titty committee founding president
      itty bitty titty committee founding president

      ​@Provoking Truth Prithee fellow internet patron, t'was but an appeal to the still-wet ears of youth, who in their ripe innocence tend to augment the English language, rather than learn it in its depth and entirety and applying its nuances to the full affect. Alas, if thee but knew, the very language in which we speak now is merely the amalgam of its predecessors. I apologise if my adoption of this tongue has offended thee - I will take note to dispel these cheap appeals to the cultural clime in every utterance henceforth.

    • Provoking Truth
      Provoking Truth

      Speak English and not like a child

  • Julius

    Can someone explain to me, if there is no africa in witcher universe, where does black people come from??? Im not being racist, just trying to understand story.

    • Jaroslav Mihok
      Jaroslav Mihok

      it is fantasy world which has nothing to do with our world and if there are elves, dwarfs why not blacks ?

  • wendy wadford
    wendy wadford

    my man

    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy

      Damn BEOWULF need a series or remake movie

  • Александр Сергеевич
    Александр Сергеевич

    Wakanda forever!!!!!!

    • Provoking Truth
      Provoking Truth


  • Kris Paul
    Kris Paul

    I hope he says, “Winds howling”

  • Ratheesh KK
    Ratheesh KK


  • Throne King Warrior
    Throne King Warrior


  • noobmaster69

    Majority of The Witcher fandom are from the video games, so WHY THE HACK did they base this show on the novel? They haven't learned anything since The Warcraft movie.

    • Provoking Truth
      Provoking Truth

      Because kids play games, while adults read. Now go play a game little boy

    • Jaroslav Mihok
      Jaroslav Mihok

      cuz for the fans who play only games is this new fresh story and more it is you could say prequel for the games ... and for fans who played games and read the books they know the story in the books is better... and the games are adaptation of the books and they do not want to do adaptation of adaptation ... and most important reason for netflix if the characters do not look like in the games they can say well of course cuz what we do is the adaptation of the books ... The Warcraft movie lose cuz it was only movie they do not have time to tell the real story this is a show

  • Star Kurt
    Star Kurt

    Let's create a movie about middle age african tribes with caucasians and asians dudes !

    • Provoking Truth
      Provoking Truth

      You really are clueless ain't ya

    • Star Kurt
      Star Kurt

      @Jaroslav Mihok lol, okay.

    • Jaroslav Mihok
      Jaroslav Mihok

      @Star Kurt i read the books and it has nothing to do with europe or poland

    • Star Kurt
      Star Kurt

      @Luis Alberto There is a plot beneeth this fantastic world. Have u heared about books ? And these books also based on european continent, indelicately, Poland. Do u know how xenophobic this world that they trying to film ? Actually it's funny to watch how people of different races are throwing rocks at man who just have a little different eyes. That's how u need to unite ppl all over the world: just find another target to discriminate it together.

    • Jaroslav Mihok
      Jaroslav Mihok

      @Star Kurt yes this is "MOVIE" about "AFRICAN tribes" i wait for this movie about "my" black cousins from future Trump city :D

  • H A
    H A

    I seriously hope that netflix doesnt make him a trans

    • Jaroslav Mihok
      Jaroslav Mihok

      @Tyko Brian well but me you or Andrej we are not actors Cavill is actor not best but he is good actor i think but everyone have own opinion and what i read Andrej like what Cavill do as Geralt ... i like what i see so far from him and i like his swordfights and time tell if he will be good or no... my bet he will be good

    • Tyko Brian
      Tyko Brian

      ​@Jaroslav Mihok Dude, I consider myself a real fan of the Witcher Saga. Doesn't mean I'm fit to act. I'm sure you love Witcher too. Does that mean you can be a good candidate to portray Geralt? Andrej Sapkowski can't play Geralt because he's not an actor. What I'm saying is that so far Cavil's acting hasn't impressed me and I'm one to believe that acting chops is mostly natual that can't be improved much by training and formal study. Moreover, many actors who have delivered the greatest performances weren't familiar with the source material before receiving the role. The real question is, how many writers of the show were familiar with the source material before getting the job. Because you know, if they decide to play out a scenario which is not really in tune with the theme of the original text then there's really nothing the actors can do. And that's where I'm concerned. Hollywood isn't known to write nuanced stories. Doesn't mean I'm stoked to see the show. I just can't get my hopes up too much.

    • Jaroslav Mihok
      Jaroslav Mihok

      @Tyko Brian but Cavill is real FAN better him than someone who is maybe better actor but has no clue who is Geralt or what is The Witcher

    • H A
      H A

      @Tyko Brian yeah youre right

    • Tyko Brian
      Tyko Brian

      Dude stop being paranoid. Whatever happens they can't take away the amazing books and games from us. The real problem if you ask me is cavil playing Geralt. Was never impressed with his acting.

  • Carla Pelicari
    Carla Pelicari

    Even though I still don't like the cast, it looks good.

  • Stephen Bennett
    Stephen Bennett

    You need a different actor and it to not be directed by Netflix and I'll watch it but other then that heck yeah great idea but not on by or for Netflix

    • Stephen Bennett
      Stephen Bennett

      Except the game company I buy games from

    • Jaroslav Mihok
      Jaroslav Mihok

      then do not watch it that will be win for everyone :D

  • Abhishek Narange
    Abhishek Narange

    Hemsworth is perfect for the role

  • Kunal Bahuguna
    Kunal Bahuguna

    "Wind's howling"

  • King Solomon
    King Solomon

    Damn BEOWULF need a series or remake movie

  • OneHung Low
    OneHung Low

    I better hear "How do you like that Silver?" at least 5 times an episode

    • Alak Gaming
      Alak Gaming


    • Eric Joplin
      Eric Joplin

      Winds howling

  • Иван Раевский
    Иван Раевский

    Who is the man with beard? I don understand((

    • Jaroslav Mihok
      Jaroslav Mihok

      if you mean this man at 1:18 it is druid Mousesack

  • Heinrich

    Wtf is going on in the background at 1:02? That's not how you strangle someone.

  • vinci94

    itll be cool it Roach pops up on a roof when Geralt summons him as a joke

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty

    The show ought to focus on his life as a Gwent hustler.

  • loren lolita
    loren lolita

    Look up swedish actress Malin buska. She would've been the perfect Yennefer.

    • Vikkeh

      Hmm, nah.

  • Rafal Zado
    Rafal Zado

    It seems actually good oO

  • Social Network Asia
    Social Network Asia

    i love it..

    • ceerw buty
      ceerw buty

      LE LE LEEY

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