Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior - Official Trailer REACTION! | Ajay D, Saif Ali K, Kajol
Hello Geek family, we are checking out another epic historical movie trailer & this time it's for Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior!
Original Trailer Link: arsoft.info/hd/fydyw/m8iWcXqsi417q7g
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  • Pauras More
    Pauras More

    Little bit of background- So Shivaji was surrounded by the mughal forces on kondhana fort(also known as sinhagad after this battle shown in movie) his food and other supplies were cut off as such. Knowing that he won't be able to hold ground anymore he signed a treaty with the mughals to let him safe passage in return for 23 Maratha forts and some other valuables be given to the mughals. It is than this scene in this movie where the mughal army man asks jijabai mother of chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to handover the kondhana fort and she takes a owth over something that she will get it back one day(not like it is shown in movie that she refuses to wear her chappals till the fort is recaptured) Now comes Tanhaji malusre in picture who was Shivaji Maharaj subhedar of umrat village was making preparations for raiba, his sons wedding. When jija Mata asked Shivaji Maharaj to get this geographically trecharous fort back Tanhaji was the most capable man in Shivaji s arsenal but now Shivaji Maharaj was in tensed how can he ask someone to go on a dangerous mission like this when Tanhaji is making preparations for his son's wedding!!!! Tanhaji came to know about this mission somehow and he reached out to Shivaji Maharaj and jijabai saying 'Aadhi lagna Kondhanacha, mag Maja raiba ch' i.e. first priority to kondhana conquest than my raibas wedding. The rest is history. Tanhaji died a heroic death, the fort was captured. Shivaji uttered 'Gadh ala pan Sinha gela' i.e. Captured the fort but lost the Lion.... So it is named as sinhagad there after.


    Awsum movie must watch..🙂

  • Deepak E
    Deepak E

    Shivaji Maharaj tell the Fort Sinhagad Sinhagad

  • Deepak E
    Deepak E

    Tanaji was one of the Shivaji Maharaj best and the real Soldier end kondana

  • Deepak E
    Deepak E

    Kondana was Shivaji Maharaj main Fort I am telling you this because I am in 4th standard and I have that lesson I am Indian Hindu Marathi Hindu means Marathi

  • Deepak E
    Deepak E

    Do you don't know War the first seen that hand was got that was the touch of the Tanaji is father daed

  • hydra xpro gamer
    hydra xpro gamer

    I am also a Maratha 98 Koli Maratha means 1 who controls 98 towns

  • rahul shinde
    rahul shinde

    Jay shivaji jay bhavani...

  • Anil Chand
    Anil Chand

    It is good movie really nice

  • Sunil Lakhayakar
    Sunil Lakhayakar

    Great hero tanha Ji Indian yoddha jai Maratha jai bhavani

  • Ariyan Jainv
    Ariyan Jainv

    Please please reaction gangster girl song this song AJ movie song this song actor Ajay devgan

  • coolguy hero
    coolguy hero

    Before making the video I request you to read about shivaji maharaj. He is having a huge line of such warriors. I am also Maratha name Nitin bhosale, shivaji bhosale is the greatest king in indian history good father of indian navy. Tanaji lost his life for the fort which is in pune. Captain America is just a friction this is real story.

  • Alyssa Summer
    Alyssa Summer

    I hope you watched the movie cause It's worth it.

  • Notme

    LOVEEEEDDDD YOUR REACTION. and yes, the background is superb like you said. I've seen this movie 3 times till now in theater. Marathas are always known for their loyalty for their motherland and their bravery.

  • Ayu kushwaha
    Ayu kushwaha


  • Radheshyam Yadav
    Radheshyam Yadav

    Lead actor Ajay Devgan and actress Kajol is husband and wife in real life.

  • CAA,NRC,NPR, support
    CAA,NRC,NPR, support

    #save from islamic terrorism from world

  • CAA,NRC,NPR, support
    CAA,NRC,NPR, support

    This is Hindu Muslim fight

  • Suraj Mhalungekar
    Suraj Mhalungekar

    Hey where is that healthy lady..... she gives best reactions.....


    Maratha warriors were less in number but were expert in guerilla tactics


    The girl is dumb af, comparing a real life warrior to a comic book character

  • Kapil Kumar
    Kapil Kumar

    Captain America didn't die. He got old.

  • Vishal Saha
    Vishal Saha

    Yes this film is really a epic and a masterpiece. It's show's how powerful is our history and the warriors. Proud to be an Indian 💪💪

  • Ishaan Potnis
    Ishaan Potnis

    Proud to be an Indian first of all! Proud to be a Marathi Brahmin Proud to be a Punekar!

  • Sachin Bhoir
    Sachin Bhoir

    1 maratha yodha 100 ke barabar hota he .jay shivaray🚩

  • Tushar D
    Tushar D

    So, Now the movie has been released now. I will tell you that it's an amazing movie. It's also historically very accurate and the entertainment values are too damn high. It running high in theaters, got the highest opening of 2020 in India.

  • tejashree kolamkar
    tejashree kolamkar

    That was the dumbest reaction :/ u guys dint understand the meaning of it.. comparing Tanaji malusare to Captain America ? Fiction with reality ? I watch your reactions and they are good but this was quite dumb.

  • reji like
    reji like

    Jai Shivaji

  • Ajay Pawar
    Ajay Pawar

    Chatrapati shivaji maharaj ki jay

  • Shana Rajput
    Shana Rajput

    This is real based story not some type of comic like spider man or captain America

  • Kaushik Barua
    Kaushik Barua

    U guys always compare with Indians and some others.. captain America is just a comical character... Thanaji is real. Maybe whatever they make it's not like that but he fight and died coz of country ND nation... What u guys do for ur country??????

    • Shana Rajput
      Shana Rajput

      Yeh ganchaker hai bhai

  • Pankaj Javalekar
    Pankaj Javalekar

    I think you should read about Shivaji MAHARAJ

  • Ravi Ram वाल्मीकि
    Ravi Ram वाल्मीकि

    Tha great hindu king shivaji and tanaji

  • nitin ogale
    nitin ogale

    One and Only HINDU.....🙏🙏🙏 Believe in peace ☮️ Huminaty ... 🕉️🕉️🕉️🔯☸️

  • Prasoon Raj
    Prasoon Raj

    The use of long sticks are still used by the Indian army training operation s.....

  • M K
    M K

    I am proud to say that I stay near this fort in pune. Just 7 kms from my home to the first step of this fort.

  • Parshuram Shelar
    Parshuram Shelar

    🚩👑Chatrapati shivaji maharaj👑🚩the king of maratha umpire 🚩father of Indian navy 🚩

  • Parshuram Shelar
    Parshuram Shelar

    Call shivaji maharaj 🙏

  • Mandakini Chopade
    Mandakini Chopade

    Please make a new reaction video on New Tanhaji trailer.

  • mr maratha
    mr maratha

    The great chhatrapati shivaji maharaj 🚩🙏

  • Rahul Garghate
    Rahul Garghate

    I bet you this will be amazing fight scene you ever seen in your life

  • Rahul Garghate
    Rahul Garghate

    React on bahubali beginning last fight scene and bahubali 2 last fight scene

  • silent summer
    silent summer

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  • Shubham Sakore
    Shubham Sakore

    Golden history of chatrapati shivaji maharaj🚩🚩🚩🚩

  • Shubham Sakore
    Shubham Sakore

    Jay shivray🚩🚩🚩🚩💕💕💕👏👏👏👏

  • Gajanan Dhumal
    Gajanan Dhumal

    Madame Capitan America is fantasy. Tanaji was real. Do not camper.

  • मौज मस्ती
    मौज मस्ती

    Chutiyon ko samajh mein bhi aata hai Bus Indian ka fayda utha rahe ho

  • yogendra patil
    yogendra patil


  • Android Havoc
    Android Havoc

    Don't compare Captain America (reel life) shit with Tanaji 😂 When you'll know bout Yesaji Kank defeated elephant you will compare him with hulk 😁

    • cap c
      cap c


  • Technical Star
    Technical Star

    Nice trailer 👌

  • narendra rajput
    narendra rajput

    The best part of this video reaction you search about the great worrier tanhaji ...I appreciate you for it and bro after this touch my hart

  • Rajendra Sabale
    Rajendra Sabale

    Nice movie

  • sagar kandekar
    sagar kandekar

    Guys..tanaji Malusare was our great warrier of Maratha Empires but study & read Story of Our Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.We need such 30 - 40 movies to see his greatness.

  • Muneer Baloch
    Muneer Baloch

    Please reaction on tattad tattad song by ranveer singh movie name ram lela please this is amazing vidio song

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss

    Would be interesting if u guys react to "mukilwarna Mukunda" / "Sahore Bahubali" from Bahubali 2

  • Banis Edavanna
    Banis Edavanna


  • Rizul Garg
    Rizul Garg

    5:43 When you can't even understand your own accent cz u have messed it up so bad...😂

  • sambhaji jadhav
    sambhaji jadhav

    The king of the world Shivaji maharaj

  • Plus Capital
    Plus Capital


  • sujitha pandurangan
    sujitha pandurangan

    You may try the video types of dancers in parties from jordindian