TANHAJI: THE UNSUNG WARRIOR Trailer REACTION!! | Ajay Devgn | Saif Ali Khan
Here is our reaction to Tanhaji!

#Tanhaji #SaifAliKhan


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    What other trailers should we react to???

    • Jack Watson
      Jack Watson

      @Saurabh Dugdhe yes hirkani and fatteshikast this two movie are really great movies

    • Saurabh Dugdhe
      Saurabh Dugdhe

      Check out "Fatteshikast" and "Hirkani" they are based on true stories.

    • Jack Watson
      Jack Watson

      Reaction on tanaji movie song

    • Krishna Kumar
      Krishna Kumar

      Ghamand Kar song reaction from same movie

    • Saurabh Patel
      Saurabh Patel

      Rahul Gandhi the Legend

  • Jyotsna Bodhe
    Jyotsna Bodhe

    Yes. There was a Marathi movie made way back in 1933. Marathi cinema pioneered the world of Indian cinema. Btw, its - Maharashtrians (from the state of Maharashtra, language spoken by people of this origin - Marathi. Marathas were a warrior clan (its one of the brave Maharashtrian castes, equivalent of the brave Rajasthani Rajput warrior caste - it is one of the castes of the Hindu religion.). The Marathi king Chhatrapati(title) Shivaji Raje had many brave warriors - Tanhaji Malusare ( pronounced Taa-nhaa-jee Ma-loo-s-rey) and Baji Prabhu Deshpande being the most heroic ones who gained martyrdom. The Marathas were famous for their guerilla warfare tactics (look up Maratha history, esp that during to reign of the founder king, Shivaji) and that has been displayed very well in the movie. Yes, it does resemble 300 technic-wise but these existed as part of the Maratha warfare technics. So its not a copy as such though the technically resemblance is there...And yes, it is a true story (someone has posted the story in the earlier comments). The only thing that they did not show in the movie is the actual way the climb to conquest the fort started. Tanhaji did this with the help of his pet monitor (lizard - Marathi name - Ghorpad)) called Shewanti to get the ropes up. Instead in the movie they showed it as using two warrior brothers by the last name 'Ghorpade' (common Maharashtrian last name) doing this. Well, I've watched this movie twice already and aim to watch it once. This one is available in both languages - Hindi and Marathi. The 3D watch has been a fantastic experience👌😊 - very authentic and takes one back to year 1670. Hope you guys get to watch it too👍🙂 Btw - do review the two songs from it - Shankara re Shankara and Maay Bhavani N yeah - isn't that music score just fab😀👍

  • Travel Diaries
    Travel Diaries

    Tanhaji is the real 300 movie....there were 300 marathas who attacked on kondhana which was captured by 2000+ mughals . The actual 300 movie is just imaginary story chances are may be that story was copied from indian history books and bit changed in the movie .....and dont put copy tags on anything .....every movie production has copied something from the other one

  • Extreme boy official
    Extreme boy official

    This based on true story of a maratha warrior fighting for the swaraj kingdom made by shivaji maharaj

  • Sheetal Gautam
    Sheetal Gautam

    Ajay Devgan is a muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh better actor than Saif Ali Khan. Saif is not even 10% of Ajay

  • Rushikesh Khotkar
    Rushikesh Khotkar

    Everything is true

  • Jack Watson
    Jack Watson

    Are you guys watched this movie if not do go guys this movie is amazing awful 😮 because this movie have a great bgm and great legend tanaji malisare's story

  • Vlogger Kunal
    Vlogger Kunal

    Love from india.. I really appreciate you guys.... Who care about indian history.. but iff you read it once it was the greatest.. The Mighty king Shivaji Maharaj.. was the greatest warrior maratha ever saw in history.. i suggest you to make a reaction vedio on shivaji maharaj

  • Akshay Kumavat
    Akshay Kumavat

    Reaction not perfectly u not seen every moment

  • Faux Blade
    Faux Blade

    Tanhaji was Imperial Warrior!

  • shubham talekar
    shubham talekar

    I think it will be better if you read the whole real story of shivaji maharaj... And why always people say maharaj or chatrapati before calling shiavji maharaj... Have a good day..

  • Akshay Pathare
    Akshay Pathare

    please react on FATTESHIKAST & FARZAND ( marathi ) movies trailers

  • rahul jadhav
    rahul jadhav

    Dont compare our legends with your 300 movie, our history is way better than ur scripted Hollywood movies first read the history and then give ur opinion or else stay with ur Hollywood movie no need to react on any of indian movies.

  • Seeker Forever
    Seeker Forever

    This is a true story.. This war was for the freedom from Mughal oppressors

  • Abhay Pasalkar
    Abhay Pasalkar

    Your reaction is just as stupid as your channel . . . Its easy to say that it's a copy from 300 but just imagine doing those risky stunts back in 1600.

  • Roshan Thakur
    Roshan Thakur

    Either it’s this movie or Bahubali or any movie fucking they only know their goddam movie 300 what the fuck go lick your Hollywood ass why even watch Bollywood trailer

  • Anuj Kumar
    Anuj Kumar

    Tanhaji actually climbed the steep hill using big bengal lizard... 300 soldiers climbed to fight against 5000 mughals.... 😎😎😎 an awesome amazing true story movie..... Must watch....

  • Anuj Kumar
    Anuj Kumar

    This movie is based on amazing true story.... Great maratha warriors.... Unlimited energy... And i watched this movie today... U must watch this... Its actually beautiful movie.... Its not disappointing like other movies whose trailer looks good but movie sucks (ex. - the mummy, 2017, tom cruise 😂😂😂) ....u must watch it... And yeah its music.... U will love it....

  • Anuj Kumar
    Anuj Kumar

    And Ajay devgan fits beautifully in the role of Tanhaji.. His eyes are awesome...

  • Anuj Kumar
    Anuj Kumar

    Tanhaji actually climed the steep rocky hill with 1000 soldiers to fight against 5000 mughals.. But the hill was very steep so only 300 could make it... And fought bravely and kicked mughals ass... 😎😎😎...

  • Pratik Patil
    Pratik Patil

    You're right...Maratha = Marathi

  • Krishna Kumar
    Krishna Kumar

    Please react to ghamand Kar song from tanaji

  • aditya ekhankar
    aditya ekhankar

    Jai shivray jai mharastr 🚩🚩🦁👑Me Marathi 👑🦁🚩🚩

  • Shraddha Kanawade
    Shraddha Kanawade

    I wont even subscribe your channel for comparing this with 300 .. This is original dude, written long before America came into existence... We have learnt it in school...

  • devak shelar
    devak shelar

    Guyz if u say copy...then u better had to read great maratha dynasty...the thing which u do now were done much before...just read or watch baji parabhu despande sacrifice u would never ever will say 'copied'word again .And if had the forts in Maharashtra u both would be thrilled how hard it is to clim one mistake while climbing and u r gone

  • निशा मोरे
    निशा मोरे


  • Sk gajjar
    Sk gajjar

    Correction : 300 is indian history copy

  • anmol bihariya
    anmol bihariya

    You both are stupids its real story search internet before you uplode reaction stupid people..... Search kondana fort, search tanaji search shivaji raje...., 😂 stupidpeoples only know 300 hahah

  • Indian BER
    Indian BER

    If you anything say wrong about Indian history, I will fuck both of you stupids!!!!! 🚩🚩🚩

  • Nayan Ambhore
    Nayan Ambhore

    3:00 T-series man!!! They really admit that t-series is the best music channel in the world! 🤜🤛

  • pratik mainkar
    pratik mainkar

    Plz don't say that... This movie the copy of 300?? It is made on true story.. if u dont know the fact then read the book based on chatrapati shivaji maharaj... Plz respect.. and m ur big fan guys..

  • Yogesh Kashiwar
    Yogesh Kashiwar

    Don't laugh chutiya guys...u guys don't knw anything about chatrapati shivaji raje nd about india😡


    not inspired from 300 u need to watch movie its small scene only u can't judge its totaly differant story line and scenes maratha worriars are expert to climbing on hill and difficult forts.

  • manish acharya
    manish acharya

    By saying this u lose ur subscriber like me..

  • naganath ghongade
    naganath ghongade

    Maratha is something in which self-rule is believed....

  • Nil Nil
    Nil Nil

    Bollywood movies like... Padmavat, bajirao mastani, jodha akhbar, mughal e azam nd now tanhaji r better in emotion, acting nd have real patriotic feeling... And also generate ghoosbumbs... Nd better thn 300.

  • Twittiyapanti.

    If U want watch this, please go to theater.

  • Harkirat Singh
    Harkirat Singh

    That game in that seen was human chess

  • bharat Kumar
    bharat Kumar

    Blockbuster movie 🚩🚩

  • Abhinav Dixit
    Abhinav Dixit

    A scene was copied from winter soldier too but India is becoming more and more advance in cinematics


    sir it was very important fight for our motherland

  • Sportsnetic Shri
    Sportsnetic Shri

    Lol 😂😂😂 read history Americans first about Marathas

  • Ravi sawarkar
    Ravi sawarkar

    I think 300 copied from PAWANKHIND BATTEL....you have to read about BAJIPRAVHU DESHPANDE

  • Pravinkumar Jagadale
    Pravinkumar Jagadale

    Music credit goes Ajay atul ,not T serise

  • Akshay Jadhav
    Akshay Jadhav

    Excuse me this not 300movie copy this is real story of the maratha empire

  • Meghna

    Why don't u refere our history books which we were reading since so many generations n den comment on something.. these are true battle innovation from our ancestors.. I refer u one book try dis if u get it - " Raja Shivchhatrapati" by Babasaheb Purandare

  • Kashika katheriya
    Kashika katheriya

    I must say here boycott chapaak watch only tanhaji jai hind vande matram.


    Firangiyon ki gaand jali🤣🤣🤣

  • Dubster Mahi
    Dubster Mahi

    Sorry Rick...The scene is written in our History books...Plz don't compare our every history with 300....It's an easy way to hurt our Indian feelings

  • The D's
    The D's

    As you say the scene copy from 300 , actually the scene done by tanhaji's army in kondhan's real battle in 1670 , it's more older than your 300.. First study how Shivaji Maharaj use ganimi kava ( gorrila walfare ) war technique . Our warriors done that in real battles. All war techniques, army techniques are mentioned in Hinduism and our warriors from ancient time used that in real battles. For eg. Study "chakravhyuv " war technique used in kurukshetra war in real. Then u know what Hindu is.

  • The D's
    The D's

    Marathi is the language of Maratha's.

  • TheMotorman

    Jai Bhawani Jai Maratha Jai Shivaji Jai Tanhaji Malusare

  • Parmeshwar Sarate
    Parmeshwar Sarate

    Maratha is a person while Marathi is the language

  • Shen

    This movie is brilliant, screenplay is 🔥crazy cinematography. Not much 300. This story is Indian legend. Must watch & review!

  • Sayali Phadtare
    Sayali Phadtare

    Said at 4:37 is correct...maratha's are Marathi speaking people

  • Sarthak RAUT
    Sarthak RAUT

    Ghamand kar songs of tanhaji

  • ProGyan gogoi
    ProGyan gogoi

    Please go watch the film...awsom good direction ,acting, cinematogrphy everything superb.Its better than Bahuballi.Real warrior historic film ever made in india.100% better than Bajirao mastani.U fool guys go n watch..review it.Remind me

  • Bruce Banner
    Bruce Banner

    Aladin (Alaudin) is part of Arabian Nights . The name itself, Arabia (nothing to do with India)

  • AMIT salvi
    AMIT salvi

    What you know about Indian .....if don't know anything don't comment.


    It is true story happened in 17th Centuries. It is an one of the Warriors story in India