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    Is the english subtitles on??/ U can understand Hindi??

  • Neer Pundir
    Neer Pundir

    Chatarpati shivaji maharaj the one who send tanaji to win that fort was the one who make so many fighting statergy including gorilla warfare

  • Shubham Kumar
    Shubham Kumar

    Imagine a scissor that open when you pull your wrist , now imagine the blade inside your enemy's stomach and you pull your wrist boom blade opens up like scissor tadaaa india

  • Dil cruz
    Dil cruz

    there was a indian warrior called Ranasanga fought even having 180 cuts on the body. This warrior Tanhaji was fighting even after loosing a hand.

  • Rohit Satam
    Rohit Satam

    Do you know Hindi🤔🤔

  • atul shelar
    atul shelar

    Nice move tanaji🚩🚩🚩

  • 12 year old decoy
    12 year old decoy

    I'd watch it in theatres if I could understand what they were saying

    • Prajakta p
      Prajakta p

      Subtitles are available in USA theaters

  • Samay Kumar
    Samay Kumar

    use subtitles...it's there in the video

  • Sunu Das
    Sunu Das

    ❤️ from India 🤗🤗🤗 come to India

  • vivek mishra
    vivek mishra

    We are fighting wars from 1200 years continuously.

  • YB Rengade
    YB Rengade

    Also watch fateshikast movies first

  • Saurabh Panhalkar
    Saurabh Panhalkar

    Mere Engreji bhai ye sany Deol nahi ajay devgan he

  • Markandy Kumar
    Markandy Kumar

    Nice trailers

  • Rajesh Sonmale
    Rajesh Sonmale

    Proud of Baghva.and proud to be a Maratha

  • praveen verma
    praveen verma

    Very nice trailer and review

  • Manu

    MAMANGAM trailer plzzzzzzzzzz

  • Abhi naV
    Abhi naV

    SHIVAZI, 🚩

  • Tirth Shah
    Tirth Shah

    Did you guys have subtitles?

    • Fam & Reaction
      Fam & Reaction


  • vishal


  • vishal

    knock knock who's there blockbuster all time blockbuster taanaji 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Just another geek
    Just another geek

    And with time Marathas became the largest empire in India by defeating Mughals and captured Delhi in 1771.


    Worlds biggest wheeled cannon is in INDIA. The Jaivana cannon, located at the Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur

    • sharma sanatana
      sharma sanatana

      Good bro I am proud to be indian

  • true indian
    true indian

    India is fool of blood shed & constant fight through out the history against foreign invaders .... Even today we are fighting legal battle against Uzbeki jihadi named zahiruddin Muhammad Babur & his followers.

  • ajay shinde
    ajay shinde

    Died like lion🐯. Iss batter then live like dog.

  • Susmita Karnik
    Susmita Karnik

    Tanaji knot 1st rope to Big Lizard (Ghorpad ) at midnight. Then all marathas soldiers climbed at kondhana fort. Very true story. Jay shivaji! Jay bhavani!

  • kumar

    Jai Sriram, jai maratha, jai chathrapati shivaji maharaj, Jai Hind, I am proud for my bhagwa and shanathana dharma.

  • Aditya Shinde
    Aditya Shinde

    Nice video..

  • Noob Jr.
    Noob Jr.

    777th like 😁😁

  • honey jindal
    honey jindal

    Here's the background story for you Kondana, was still under Mughal control. Uday Bhan Rathod, a brave Rajput was the fort keeper. He led an army of about 1500 Rajputs and Mughals for the protection of the fort. Uday Bhan had maintained strict vigil around the fort. On February 4, 1670 Shivaji deputed one of his most senior and trusted generals, Tanaji Malusare, to head a mission to capture Kondana. Tanaji Malusare surveyed the fort and its defenses very meticulously for some days. The fort was extremely well guarded. One very sheer cliff caught Tanaji's eye. This side was least guarded as one could not possibly imagine climbing the fort from this steep side. Tanaji decided to scale this cliff to enter the fort. He used a monitor lizard named "Yeshwanti" with a rope tied around its body for climbing this cliff on a moonless night. Perhaps this was the first time in the history of wars where a lizard was used to climb a fort. The Common Indian Monitor (Varanus bengalensis) found locally in present day Maharashtra is the species of Monitor Lizard is also known as ghorpad in Marathi. These Monitor lizards are famous for their ability to cling to smooth surfaces, and were traditionally trained for this purpose by herders in the area. As the advance party reached the top, they threw ropes for others to climb. Meanwhile Tanaji's brother Suryaji had moved close to the gates of the fort, namely Kalyan Darwaja, with another 300 Mavalas (Maratha Soldiers). The gates were soon opened and once inside, all his soldiers joined Tanaji in the surprise attack. Tanaji and Uday Bhan came face to face and a fierce fight ensued. A solid blow from Uday Bhan broke Tanaji's shield. He continued the fight until another fatal blow from Uday Bhan staggered Tanaji and a counter blow then killed Uday Bhan. Seeing their leader mortally wounded, the Maratha soldiers became tentative and started to back-up and retreat. Suryaji, then stepped in front and center to rally them and to get them to be back on the offensive. His exhortations and his leadership lifted the Maratha spirit. The Marathas now determinedly commenced their attack on the Mughal defenders with great courage and tenacity, and captured the fort. This battle is quite popular in Marathi folklore and is retold as a reminder of the glory and sacrifice that was the Maratha war of Independence. When Shivaji learned that he had lost his brave, loyal and trusted friend, he said "Gad ala, pun sinha geyla", meaning We have won the fort, but lost the Lion. Thenceforth Kondana fort was formally named Sinhagad (the Lion fort) in honour of the great Tanaji Malusare

  • O J
    O J

    Brand Maratha ⛳

  • Uddhav Surve
    Uddhav Surve

    The walls were climbed using monitor lizards! Just in case you're curious.. Check Tanhaji poster, you'll spot the pet lizard 🦎

  • DD draws
    DD draws

    Ye yedi ko kuch samajh bhi aa raha he kya?😒 Ye sale gore log chamdi ke jor par views le lete he our me yaha itni mehnat kar raha hu phir bhi views nahi aate 😭 What a discrimination 😡

  • beeresh l Ananth
    beeresh l Ananth

    Hi sister how r u

  • BK yadav 123
    BK yadav 123

    Ajay Devan 🤘 🤘 Rock

  • Kshitij Pawar
    Kshitij Pawar

    Bajirao mastani, manikarnika, panipat and tanhaji are true stories based on maratha empire India and pakistan in 1600 to 1800 century.... I proud feel. I born in maratha cast..... Jay shivaji maharajah...

    • just a human being
      just a human being

      Mi pan Maratha aahe,pan Maratha empire madhe sagalya maharshtrian caste Che Lok hote

  • संस्कृति पहाङ की
    संस्कृति पहाङ की

    Plz make a video on hitman rohit shrma ..264 run

  • Yogesh Mandole
    Yogesh Mandole

    Great maratha warriors,

  • Yogesh Mandole
    Yogesh Mandole

    So nicely reactions and review done.. great

  • Nirmal Solanki
    Nirmal Solanki


  • Lalitha Jayaraj
    Lalitha Jayaraj

    Please watch women anthem singapenney

  • Dot biker vlogs
    Dot biker vlogs

    Hi fam&reaction 'kaththi coin fight' please mostly view and reaction this movie fight scene actor ilayathalapathy vijay mass movie..

  • Shivaji Suryawanshi
    Shivaji Suryawanshi

    Tha gret chatrapati shivaji maharaj from india इन maharashtra

  • digvijay khambe
    digvijay khambe

    indians invented martial arts

  • Nilesh Gajbhiye
    Nilesh Gajbhiye


  • Ayush Agarwal
    Ayush Agarwal

    In whichever countries mughals/muslimmms attacked they made that country 100% muslimmm through rapes & muscle power within 5-10 years but India is the only country which they could not conquer inspite of ruling it for 800 years becoz of kings lyk Marathas.Thts y Hinduism in India is still saved rest all of others got converted.Becoz Hindus fought till 800 years today hindus r 80% in india.Thts y pakistan Army n ISI n indian muslimmms wants to conquer India by doing ghazwa e hind becoz dey feel it as unfinished chapter of Islammmm.

  • Amol Mohite
    Amol Mohite


  • Himanshu Yadav
    Himanshu Yadav

    Tell me are you know hindi

  • Ganesh Kanase
    Ganesh Kanase

    This movie is based on maratha empire and manikarnika was also maratha queen......🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

  • Vikki

    Great reactions.. simply natural.. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ki Jay!

  • सुनैंना जैंन
    सुनैंना जैंन

    This movie​ will be epic

  • Ranjan Kumar Bhoi
    Ranjan Kumar Bhoi

    Please good news movie reaction

  • GK

    React on Mahanati Title Track Song from mahanati movie Telugu Received 3 National awards

  • Dinesh Tayade
    Dinesh Tayade

    I proud on great maratha worrier and my maharashtra bcoz i am also belong to maratha worrier

  • Vaibhav Singh
    Vaibhav Singh

    The sword name is urmi

  • karan shirke
    karan shirke

    the bending sword u are talking about is knows as Dandpatta, i wish the shown it in movie.

  • Sujith R Nadar
    Sujith R Nadar

    React bigil songs...... U will get more views 😚😚

  • Romexshan Romexshan
    Romexshan Romexshan

    Watch MANGATHA movie teaser

  • Jonnakuti Prasad
    Jonnakuti Prasad

    Please react to Tollywood God south India super star prince mahesh Babu movie sarileru nikevvaru teeser just released and ARsoft records break plz react

  • Prasad Jadhav
    Prasad Jadhav


  • Subhajit Mukherjee
    Subhajit Mukherjee

    Everywhere in the world native cultures had been destroyed we SANATANIs and chinese are the only people who fought against islamic jihad and cristian coversion so still indian and chinese culture exist.

    • Just another geek
      Just another geek

      China has lost its old culture. They became Buddhist and now most of them are atheist.