Survive the Shrinking Punishment Plank!!
Team Edge
Hey guys! In this challenge, we stand on top of retractable planks and answer trivia questions! If we get the answer wrong, the plank gets shorter! Not only does the plank that you are standing on get shorter, but we also have to do ridiculous punishments! Who do you think will win??
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  • Joe mama69 420
    Joe mama69 420

    man of war is not a jelly fish it is a siphnophore

  • Black Knight’s gaming
    Black Knight’s gaming

    The sound effects kill me dude 😂😂

  • Vuong Vu
    Vuong Vu

    Marvin be like “I just want Bryan to win..”

  • Ena Pavić
    Ena Pavić

    2:38 Bobby: " Ah... It's not The Incredibles." Me an Joey: 😂😂😂

  • Agustina Temu
    Agustina Temu

    if bobby doesn't know disney he's d.u.m.b.

  • Whippet Studios
    Whippet Studios

    When you watch this on mobile none of the videos show up, so they look ridiculous because they’re just pointing into nowhere. It makes me laugh. Ha ha ha... hehe.

  • Eddie Trujillo
    Eddie Trujillo


  • SpinoGaming

    Bobby: I DON’T KNOW DISNEY! Me: Bruh, you got “Cars” correct and “Cars” is a PIXAR movie. Disney makes PIXAR movies...

  • Christine Richard
    Christine Richard

    **Me And My Family eating supper** "My Farts are gonna Smell so Fresh" Note to Self: I Have headphones. "Aunt Laughs*

  • Sarah Zagone
    Sarah Zagone

    I saw Bobby's right hand shaking before he jumped off of his plank.

  • Chilli and Violin
    Chilli and Violin

    2:34 Obvious pluto doghouse in the backround Bobby: "Well its not the Incredibles" XD

  • Tori Meehan
    Tori Meehan

    Please do more of these!!!

  • Preacher Tim
    Preacher Tim

    You guys are the only people that can make me laugh nonstop

  • kirigamigame

    btw a Portuguese man o war is a GROUP of organisms/creatures not a single organism/creature or jellyfish

  • Cody Kohleffel
    Cody Kohleffel

    Me like Bobby 👁👄👁

  • Flower May
    Flower May

    This is dero

  • Brammasuzie

    Bryan looks like jesus on the cross at the end

  • Rory Capriola
    Rory Capriola

    portuguese man o' war is not a jellyfish

  • Jon Leazenby
    Jon Leazenby

    Bobby's socks are so inoing

  • Lil Goofy
    Lil Goofy

    Shouldn’t have Bobby got the punishment

  • Murat Murat
    Murat Murat

    No rule Me at home: that means i can push someone else

  • Ashley Minton-Trader
    Ashley Minton-Trader

    I want to be in your videos Brian trader I want to have A Nerf war with you I am nine years old I Live in Delmar Maryland

  • Jessica Atkinson
    Jessica Atkinson

    bobby is so shookith

  • Leland Hernandez
    Leland Hernandez

    Dood this host is so annoying

  • Mystical Mustang
    Mystical Mustang

    I feel bad for Bobby

  • Spencer Knight
    Spencer Knight

    Yo bobby disney+ is like 7$ a month

  • MainDirectory IsBack
    MainDirectory IsBack

    Bro he is picking Bryan lol so much cheats

  • Luke Monaghan
    Luke Monaghan

    Snip snip a pice of wood? 🌲

  • Wolfie 6293
    Wolfie 6293

    Bryan always gets too cocky!! ITS ANNOYING!!!

  • Francesca Akpik
    Francesca Akpik

    The man of war is a combination of things. It's not a jellyfish

  • xfairyberryx2

    lol wrong it wasn't shrek it was shrek 3 gosh guys XD

  • Coordinator


  • Coordinator

    Keobi needs to do another don’t fall off the ledge challenge

  • Coordinator

    J-Fred should host this challenge again

  • shuffles537

    Wasn't a fan of editing on this video. I know you guys have to cut out some stuff because of time but it was confusing. I wanted to see what happened to J-Fred.

  • Mariah Molia
    Mariah Molia

    Lesson learned: just don't let Kevin be host (he makes it unfair!)

  • Ryan Farlee
    Ryan Farlee

    When is Matt going to come back?

  • patricia brannen
    patricia brannen

    When your laughing and your teacher catches you: 2:17

  • Kyle I
    Kyle I

    Welcome to Bully Bobby

  • William Rodriguez
    William Rodriguez

    The Portuguese man-of-war is not a jellyfish is a siphonophore which means Brian was wrong