Stop Charging Your Phone at Night, Here's Why
It’s a basic thing - you want your phone fully charged in the morning so it’ll last through the entire day. And even with cutting-edge smartphones that can charge to max capacity in a matter of an hour, there’s no guarantee that you’ll remember to charge it in the morning while you’re in a sleepy daze.
Advice to leave your phone unplugged during the night may seem risky. The worst fear here is that your phone will charge down while you sleep and won’t see the dawn of a new day to wake you up like you’re used to. But still, you can’t go against the word of science. Leaving your smartphone on a charger is bad for it.
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Automatic switches don't solve the problem 1:20
How to choose high-quality chargers and cables 2:12
Is heat really bad for batteries? 3:32
Fully depleting the charge 4:07
A lazy battery effect 4:42
Charging a phone with a sound 6:13
Sodium instead of lithium? 6:33
How about gold batteries? 7:15
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- Even though lithium-based batteries are rechargeable by nature, and made with this process in mind, they’re highly vulnerable to constant interactions with high voltage electricity, like in the outlets of your house.
- There are automatic switches on your phone that’ll stop the charging process the very moment it reaches 100%. But when your phone naturally goes down to 99%, the charging will start all over again.
- Good, high-quality chargers have special chips in them that prevent overcharging. So it’s advisable not to skimp on chargers - this way you won’t spend much more money on a new battery or entire smartphone too soon.
- Overall, it’s always advisable to use good quality tech when it comes to something as expensive as smartphones these days.
- Heat is bad for batteries. That’s why it’s so harmful to your phone if you leave it in a closed car in the middle of summer.
- You’ve probably heard something about fully depleting the charge of your smartphone and then charging it to the maximum capacity. This is fair for devices from the past decade.
- Any modern lithium-ion battery won’t get lazy like a cadmium based one, so you don’t have to worry about that.
- Scientists and engineers promise that soon, we’ll have another kind of lithium-based battery that’ll be able to charge in a matter of minutes and last for more than one day.
- One of their new ideas is to make battery chargers that can produce energy from a Wi-Fi signal.
- And how about charging a phone with a sound? Using piezoelectric principals, tiny nanogenerators will be able to transform the surrounding sound to electric power. -
- Scientists from Japan are in the middle of a decades-long study that will allow replacing lithium ion batteries with sodium.
- Another idea is to use literal sand in batteries. Not quite literal though, as this battery will use silicon - the main component of the sand.
- But for now, the best course of action is to use good quality charging equipment, keep your smartphone out of the heat, and most importantly, keep the charge in it between 30% and 90%.
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    Hey guys! How often do you charge your phone? ☎️

    • Tristan Plays
      Tristan Plays

      In my life I charged my phone 5362727236526 times

    • best king
      best king

      A little not really on my phone that much so few days more on game system can you tell us if pug your cord in to a game system play and charge phone your phone so sorry a lot

    • Keeley Rasche
      Keeley Rasche

      At night ;w;

    • Flordeliz Dasinon
      Flordeliz Dasinon

      Every night

    • ItsMeSlam

      All day

  • princess Bre
    princess Bre

    I've had my Android Dynasty phone for 5 years. Charging it at night most times and dropping it 10000000000000 times. It still works fine

    • Pimpin Aint Dead
      Pimpin Aint Dead

      Preeeeach!!!! Same here, its like my phones unbreakable

  • Apple Hipster
    Apple Hipster

    This video did not need to be 8 minutes...

  • Blue Haze
    Blue Haze


  • wes stone
    wes stone

    Yeah..charge my phone at night..since the 1st cell phone was invented. Older tech and batteries this was bad. Newer tech, not so much. Iphones started killing the battery a year or so ago so you would think the battery was bad and purchase a new one faster..they even got in trouble over that. I haven't had any trouble with the past 5 I have owned..zte, lg, Motorola, Samsung..& I have my 6 year old lg in the closet ..still charges & holds.

  • 410 Kane
    410 Kane

    Watching this video while charging my phone

  • Abi T
    Abi T

    i had a asus laptop which was constantly on charge the battery lasted 7 yrs

  • Connie Killingsworth
    Connie Killingsworth



    Bright side:"You"'ll be lucky If your phone lasts for a year" Me: "well dude my phone lasted for 5years".


    His I am noobmaster69

  • TJ Avagliano
    TJ Avagliano

    This video has been obsolete since the new IOS came out... New IOS maps when your phone charges and will slowly charge the battery or just stop the charge when it’s done.

  • America the Great!
    America the Great!

    Its simple turn your phone off while charging it, it helps preserve the battery and you won't have the problem of the phone going down to 99% to 100% and your phone won't heat up

  • BigDish101

    This video is so full of fact holes it must have been created by Republicans.

  • BigDish101

    iPhones have a “optimized battery charging” option now introduced in iOS 13.

  • Steele m
    Steele m

    I have been charging my iPhone and iPad over night for 3 years now me noticeable change in battery life or temp I usually run the iPad down everyday so it gets charged couple times a day

  • ziso 4
    ziso 4

    There's not really a "raw energy"

  • Steve Allen
    Steve Allen

    Simple automatic outlet timer...

  • chefboyrashid jackson
    chefboyrashid jackson

    Definitly needs a new battery as soon as i use it its down to nuthing helps me to understand its really aggrivating when you gotta keep charging

  • Classic Sonic
    Classic Sonic

    Don't Charge At Night! Don't Mine At Night! Charge All Day Mine All Day

  • Dennis Ross
    Dennis Ross

    I power off and charge overnight. If it's off it can't drop to 99% once fully charged and the switch does it's thing. But thanks anyhow.

  • Nathan Varas
    Nathan Varas

    @1:18 when you forget brightside isn't from America

  • Terry Kissinger
    Terry Kissinger

    Solid state batteries.

  • RC Hobbyist Extreme
    RC Hobbyist Extreme

    not true at all. Your battery doesn't use 120volts. it only uses 5 watts maximum to charge. Your charger uses capacitors and voltage regulators to help smooth the power going into your phone. Also, its switching a/c to DC and that gets smoothed also. Over all, your phone has many electronics that help prevent over charging and regulating what power your phone has. The best thing for your phone is to restart it every day. Also dont leave apps open in the back ground running. This is what causes your phone to over heat.

  • dilbertjunkmail

    I expect super capacitors to be part of future battery storage opinions that allow less reliance on current limited lithium metals with greater durability. They're (super-capacitors) already capable of being used to create car battery replacements that can charge fast and work well with existing car charge systems. However, they CAN easily discharge quickly if not managed correctly.

  • papa bubu
    papa bubu

    Once again good info but completely outdated.

  • Jason Pridemore
    Jason Pridemore

    Well one way to always come up with new video content is to produce fictitious material and make it sound credible. Gave my son my old iPhone 6 that I bought at launch and was and still is charged every night......... still holds charge all day.....

  • DaisyBot O-O
    DaisyBot O-O

    Well it depends on the time ypu go to sleep, i put my phone on charge at 5 am but wake up at 7, it doesnt have enough time to charge.

  • Based Canadian
    Based Canadian

    im watching this on a iPhone 4 that has been plugged in every night since 2010 go fnck yourself and your planned obsolescence

  • Matt Atyeo
    Matt Atyeo

    Don’t tell me what to do.

  • rupam khargharia
    rupam khargharia

    It is a useless video ... I charge my phone every night for more than 3year and it's still rock solid. There can be some negligible problem due to overcharging but not getting your phone at 100% in the morning is even worse....

  • Wendi HYD?
    Wendi HYD?

    I charge my phone while I am getting ready for work in the morning

  • Steven

    What phone? Or do I mean "What phone" ? Or "What" phone?

  • Val Alonzo
    Val Alonzo

    Ok this channel is quickly losing its credibility

  • PunchDrummer

    An interesting and damaging (dangerous) phenomenon in Li-Ion batteries from charging is the growth of "Dendrites" - microscopic needle-like structures that grow on the lithium as part of a chemical reaction with the electrolyte. These eventually pierce the insulator between cells, cause a short-circuit, and typically, a fire. Google "Dendrites".

  • eiji81

    Not-so Bright side.. you can charge your phone all night fyi. Maybe just not every night but only when its low battery since you can also charge during the day.

  • Ivan Martinko
    Ivan Martinko

    I am using usb port on my pc, very low power, charges samsung galaxy over 6 hours. Over night. No heating. Is it ok?

  • Z

    Garbage info right here.

  • ImmaKiwiFoosh 1214
    ImmaKiwiFoosh 1214

    The battery I want is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 This is how many people who want that charge 👇🏻

  • Sandra Urban
    Sandra Urban

    I used to charge my phone every night until I watched this video! My Samsung S9 gets really hot and I can smell it.

  • Peter Collard
    Peter Collard

    The biggest issue is that Lithium batteries dont like being at 100% for a long time. In the past it took hours to charge them so during an 8 hour sleep they would only be full for maybe 3 hours. Now they are full for 7 hours. Best way is to put a timer (smart plug?) on your charger so it starts just in time to complete the charge as you get up. The only thing you have to watch is that you dont go to be with it almost empty. 25% is good.

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