Our Ladies - Official Trailer - At Cinemas April 24
Sony Pictures Releasing UK
The sisters of no mercy! Watch the brand new trailer for #OurLadiesMovie At Cinemas April 24.
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Our Ladies follows a group of Scottish schoolgirls on a day trip to Edinburgh to perform in a choir competition. For these teens from a small town in the Scottish Highlands, it becomes a chance to escape their daily lives and run riot in the big city. With few expectations for their futures, Orla (Tallulah Greive), Finnoula (Abigail Lawrie), Manda (Sally Messham), Kay (Eve Austin), Chell (Rona Morison) and Kylah (Marli Siu) are determined to live for every moment in this raucous tale of love, life and true friendship.
Eve Austin
Tallulah Greive
Abigail Lawrie
Sally Messham
Rona Morison
Marli Siu
Stuart Martin
Jack Greenlees
and Kate Dickie

  • Taufiq Hariyadi
    Taufiq Hariyadi

  • Lysy F.
    Lysy F.

    What’s the name of the second song playing? Please and thank you!

    • Ayrshore

      @Lysy F. You may find it's the film's cast - it does have many musical parts.

    • Sangi Mizo
      Sangi Mizo

      @Video Beast thanks...was searching for it.

    • Lysy F.
      Lysy F.

      Video Beast Thank you! I just need to figure out who did the cover 🤔

    • Video Beast
      Video Beast

      In a big country ... originally sung by big country

  • Silvio Costa
    Silvio Costa

    Who played this version of "In a Big Country"?

    • Becc Sanderson
      Becc Sanderson

      It's a special version just for the film, sung by the amazing Eddie Reader.

  • phoebe

    1:50 looks like paul mccartney

  • Paul Graham
    Paul Graham

    1:34 is Fort William high street, probably just for the trailer but it doesn't look very 90s to me.

  • Laura Stewart
    Laura Stewart

    Derry Girls but Scottish, I love it 😂

    • Bethany Tennick
      Bethany Tennick

      it's actually based on a book called The Sopranos that came out 1998!! way before Derry Girls but yeah its a similar vibe :)

  • Media Shock
    Media Shock

    Derry Girls on Acid, I love it... Well done Sony 👍😆

  • Cine Treze
    Cine Treze

    Promising film. 😊

  • Anshu Kumar
    Anshu Kumar

    Likes pls