NEW 16-Inch MacBook Pro Unboxing + Hands-On! (2019)
The new 16-inch MacBook Pro is finally here! Here's a quick unboxing and overview of all the new features and specs!
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  • Merriss Ccin
    Merriss Ccin

    wow...I just got a MacBook pro through alexandriaxteam on Instagram

  • dan tolino
    dan tolino

    Nice commercial. I wonder where can I see an independent review.

  • Abdihakiim Bootaan
    Abdihakiim Bootaan

    nEW Subs

  • Xi Le
    Xi Le

    Has "MacOS Catalina Has Major Problems On MacBook Pro" fixed yet due to new Music app instead of iTunes for many dj apps and dj controllers?

  • solarlola 9
    solarlola 9

    I don’t know drakes song , don’t listen to secular music

  • tehgman2

    Do not know that song sorry.

  • Zack io
    Zack io

    Bring back the logo light in 2020! 😭😭😭

  • ExpertGamer55

    I always had the escape key is it because my air is ultra old???

  • Devin Hunt
    Devin Hunt

    UAC, I can take that 15 inch off your hands if need be

    • todooeoeo

      Do you mean the Russian UAC? Why? (pls explain)

  • Yash Multani
    Yash Multani

    I don't know why it appears noticeably bigger than the 15 inch one

  • Born 2 Win
    Born 2 Win

    Daaaaaaad, I decided I want to go to school now. Can you get me a 16” Apple Pro? 😉

  • Jonny Portillo
    Jonny Portillo

    Hmmm. With Jony Ive being “leaving” seems to have allowed apple to make some big strides

  • shashikanth gunda
    shashikanth gunda

    Amazing laptop bro

  • breezer


  • Emily Beans
    Emily Beans

    I got mine yesterday from Best Buy. They're giving $100 off and 18 months of 0% interest. My favorite part is that I can expand my screen to my iPad Pro. Eeek... I'm in heaven!! I'm coming from the 2012 MacBook Pro, so you know... I slept with this bitch last night. You can judge me. I don't care. LOL

  • xnonsuchx

    Still USB-C connections only, though, which is annoying to need dongles.

  • Katia Mcphatter
    Katia Mcphatter

    Awesome, I just purchased mines today and it's great so far. I love the magic feature concerning toggles.

  • Rich Allison
    Rich Allison

    i need the link for the wallpaer in the 16 in resoultion asap for mine

  • Unknown sater
    Unknown sater

    But can it run minecraft...

  • Kaido

    Can I lay in my bed with it sideways while I watch Netflix?

  • Soo What
    Soo What

    No SD Card reader :( Front Camera still 720p 30fps :( No Touch screen or OLED display :( NO Wi-Fi 6 :( T2 with the same multiple crashes in the past :(, where is the T3? So in Conclusion let's wait for the 2020 Model. just saying..

  • Dmitriy Toropkin
    Dmitriy Toropkin

    Best video's quility on ARsoft !

  • davincij15

    Nice but I have to wait for wifi 6

  • Hany el-Kerdany
    Hany el-Kerdany

    @UrAvgConsumer, Can you confirm that the new 96W power adapter (brick) size is *exactly* the same size as the 15 inches' 87W adapter? I'm asking because I want to buy a new adapter for my older Macbook, along with an "elago charger cover" for extra protection, and since the 96w is compatible with all smaller MacBooks so why not an upgrade. I'm checking to make sure that it will fit in the charger cover made for the 15 inch 87w charger. Thanks :)

  • robert Burks
    robert Burks

    Bro. Nice video, but your Lave mic.....OMG, Listening with my BOSE headphones (my editing ones), all I hear is pops and cracks. Maybe do the entire video with the laptop mic. They are amazing

  • M Jamil Hoque
    M Jamil Hoque

    You are far from average. I have been waiting for 3 years and I need to buy this new 16'' MBP before Apple mess it up again.

  • Angus Dickinson
    Angus Dickinson

    Love it

  • jnice v
    jnice v

    Waiting for the iMac..hopefully they refresh the exterior for 2020

  • burnsnewman

    I'm thinking - similar update for 13" model (to 14") would be AWESOME!

  • Bryan C
    Bryan C

    Time to save my money

  • Jon5432

    is your studio in nyc?

  • Allen A
    Allen A

    shitbook pro

  • Stefan Modigh
    Stefan Modigh

    Seriously, no sd card reader

  • Mteusbb

    It's just me that notice the amazing view of this studio?

  • Mel Green
    Mel Green

    Bring back the apple glow logo

  • TheSpikeyCantaloupe

    Can we talk about how cinematic this video is with the sunrise and the train in the background

  • * unQuestionable TV *
    * unQuestionable TV *

    Am I the only one that truly does not like that they changed the arrows back...

  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams

    Can it run the newest Call of Duty Modern Warfare !

  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams

    Your studio tho

  • Zotac 101
    Zotac 101

    7:39 i thought my browser crashed .. lol