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  • XxGachaDarkAngelxX

    IPhone They Never Said You Can't Use Android, This Is Why Android Is Better

  • kooman21

    Paul is ugly and her mom

  • Kovvx -_-
    Kovvx -_-

    I have a good idea for your channel name Paulsta

  • Nathali Y sus aventuras
    Nathali Y sus aventuras

    Paul lost he gave the paswer to ameerah

  • Joseph Todoc
    Joseph Todoc

    Can you do a last to chew a gum wins 10000$

  • Ella Jade Hughes
    Ella Jade Hughes


  • Grethel Rose Camina
    Grethel Rose Camina


  • Ella Jade Hughes
    Ella Jade Hughes

    They can just use a phone that's not an I phone

  • Mia St-Pierre
    Mia St-Pierre

    3:04 she is so addicted wth 😑 👇🏻who noticed?

  • missdivakk

    So I could use mAh phone it's a PIXEL HA YOU SAID IPHONE 😝😝 I WOULD WIN

  • Serenity White
    Serenity White

    Ok ik it have people who does copy so try your damn best not too Leave a dislike let's see how many I'll get😄

  • Maryam Amr
    Maryam Amr

    She can check if anyone hacked her ARsoft Chanel or Instagram on her laptop or any other device

  • Kat Lover
    Kat Lover

    Jeddah is a cheater herself. No afence

  • Renata Hendricks
    Renata Hendricks

    l love your video

  • Unixorn Gacha
    Unixorn Gacha

    This is how many times Jedda said “I would never cheat” 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

  • gazmin Rivera
    gazmin Rivera

    Hey Paul your ARsoft channels or bad and I love on Mirror Mirror more more than you

  • Amriza Othman
    Amriza Othman

    Paul i wanna ask you that do you play slimeatory game.If you play i wanna you make video that you playing slimeatory game

  • boy_ esport
    boy_ esport

    Paul you shoud check if jeddah cheat

  • Ameliyah Sanchez
    Ameliyah Sanchez

    Doesn’t Jedda have more than 1 phone

  • Ana Ana
    Ana Ana

    Don't trust those iPhones they say there is four camera but there isn't

  • Bruce Co
    Bruce Co

    Watch the TV

  • Thu Tran
    Thu Tran

    I know how to beat the system use a Samsung Duhhhh

  • Danyia love
    Danyia love

    Paul tell ammrah to make a dorito slime

  • Aanya Patel
    Aanya Patel

    Jeddah :does this look like a face of a cheater Ameerah: YES Me : I agree ameerah

  • Shelsea Esquivel
    Shelsea Esquivel

    Pall is a cheater

  • drei dudumamalinta
    drei dudumamalinta

    Yayayay Paul why???you make to much challenges

  • Nazri Nazri
    Nazri Nazri

    You always cheating Jeddah🙄

  • Ragesh C
    Ragesh C

    Jeddah always cheats

  • Aisal Sameh
    Aisal Sameh

    Yes you are a cheater cheater

  • xX Fire Fox Xx
    xX Fire Fox Xx

    Guys didn’t u realize that Jeddah tried opening her that even allowed?

    • Godzilla fan weeb 11
      Godzilla fan weeb 11

      It's not allowed she cheated u should know if u watch ameerah Paul and Jeddah alot

  • analia jazmin
    analia jazmin

    It calls the iphone11 pro max

  • luzy perez
    luzy perez

    This is how everybody thinks that Ameerah is so smart

  • It’s Ry Ry
    It’s Ry Ry

    ( At 11:29 ) Don’t you have something called the Slimeatory??

  • Conaday Sweet
    Conaday Sweet

    Well it says nothing about computers just phones

  • Yssay Quejada
    Yssay Quejada


  • Qaira Qaisara
    Qaira Qaisara

    Amera u have a cat u can play with your cat

  • Bts for life Suga and v
    Bts for life Suga and v

    Who thinks they should do no tech for 24 hours

  • Jolean William
    Jolean William

    There is face I'd this is fake

  • Alyssa Etheridge
    Alyssa Etheridge

    Jeddah can't use her music

  • Barbara Romine
    Barbara Romine

    Jeddah cheated she used her phone