I Bought All The FREE Items on Wish..?
I bought all the FREE items on Wish for the season finale of Wishbusters Season 2...strap in for free Wish items & products
TaoTronics SoundSurge60 (Black) : amzn.to/2NlusDx - Use code at checkout: Smartt25
Taotronics SoundSurge60 (Orange): amzn.to/2p7f5qh Use code at checkout: Smartt36
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If u see this, comment WHICH WISH IDEAS YOU WANT IN SEASON 3?

  • TechSmartt

    ItYeUnorignal here 💀

    • Elite defeat
      Elite defeat

      For the new season u should do the limated time only products hope u do this

    • Gokua

      nice diss but atleast try and spell unoriginal right

    • JackTheREAP3R

      At least he has some damn emotion in his videos

    • louie sypeck
      louie sypeck

      you should really try to buy some tablets\computers on wish and try them out. WARNING: YOU ARE GOING TO WISH YOU DIDN'T

    • louie sypeck
      louie sypeck

      i love all of ur vids

  • 꽃

    That title is confusing.

  • Nemba Bo
    Nemba Bo

    There's a wish ad lol

  • Tsuki no Otaku
    Tsuki no Otaku

    Dude did two seasons of this stuff and he doesn't even know the most basic technique to get easy money using shipping cost...

  • CG3K

    I got a wish ad before this...

  • Shootz btwツ
    Shootz btwツ

    How can you buy free items

  • lil ahmad
    lil ahmad

    What happened to the mic¿¿¿

  • Kyle Murray
    Kyle Murray

    Shit sorry didn’t mean to write a review

  • FancyCatDaDestroyer2

    How'd you find those free items

  • TheGamingSPro

    Yo, the dude looks like chandler bing from friends if you think about it

  • Rhyinx

    Those are fake beats but that is such a steal, dope.

  • xtreycannon

    Free ain't free my bro

  • The Flash2478
    The Flash2478

    Why did you make the video I bought every thing on wish for free but you can nit but something that dise not have a price on it and we'll as you channel is named TERNARY so BOIIIIIIIIII👌

    • The Flash2478
      The Flash2478

      Can not buy something that does named techSMART

  • Velvet Aeon
    Velvet Aeon

    We want n⊙⊙des!

  • Devon Oler
    Devon Oler

    How u say u “bought all free stuff”?

  • PowerFlameX

    4$ with free shipping? Nah Free with 4$ shipping? Yos

  • Josh Hanks2
    Josh Hanks2

    pause on 10:39

  • Williamg209

    I'm sure the mic would work if you weren't a complete idiot

  • Ionut Firs
    Ionut Firs

    how much rice can employees from the wish receive from you?

  • Lars Onken
    Lars Onken

    Stop saying those items are free. You paid 44$ for a bunch of trash

  • miles norwood
    miles norwood

    i bet u *wish* that it was free shipping

  • Dead Meme Donald
    Dead Meme Donald


  • Dank Memez
    Dank Memez

    Lemme get that free ps4 with $300 shipping

  • Energy

    And of course I am getting 5 fucking Wish adds

  • Kyden myers08
    Kyden myers08

    Plot twist 50$ shipping

  • Raijinmaru

    it broke cuz of u

  • james Reverse card
    james Reverse card

    is it techs mart or tech smart

  • Ellen Harper
    Ellen Harper

    Use my Code up to 50% off rrdmdwj

  • Seth Abrahamson
    Seth Abrahamson

    Buy stuff off wish where is $23,000 watch

  • noiniw The boi
    noiniw The boi

    Thats not PUBG

  • sega tendo29
    sega tendo29

    Vid: getting all the free stuff from wish shopping Ad: *WISH SHOPPING*

  • SamHSX

    Did you buy your Audemars Piguet from Wish?

  • dumb stuff
    dumb stuff

    U broke the screen because you opens it like a fucking moreon

  • Max Blixen
    Max Blixen

    How can you buy something thats free?

  • the crazy cucumber
    the crazy cucumber


  • xstma

    is this guy paid buy wish wtf

  • Some random person
    Some random person

    17:56 shaking like it’s a found footage movie

  • Gãchå Pøtåtó
    Gãchå Pøtåtó

    I thought it free but I checked the cart it totally 13$ for two free?

  • Laurence Hudierez
    Laurence Hudierez

    Is it sad I have the same bumble hat I got from vidcon🤦🏼‍♂️😂

  • Lil JB Gamer
    Lil JB Gamer

    Wait how did you buy a free item I mean nothing is free