Huawei sets a new world record. Dominates in china. Stable sales worldwide shipment, 5G Mate 30 Pro and Current US Google situation.
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  • Jay Matane
    Jay Matane

    Huawei alllll day!!!


    But many people using Google

  • Deka Raja
    Deka Raja

    Huawei is fantastic

  • Peter Giu
    Peter Giu

    U are talking Chinese things in Apnn tone ..deh ..bangala

  • Xin Zhao
    Xin Zhao

    With my Huawei p30 pro ❤️👍love it

  • Chrome Firefox
    Chrome Firefox

    Woah Philippines reached 10mbps 😂😂😂

  • Donald Fauntleroy Duck
    Donald Fauntleroy Duck

    apple left chat

  • Paul G
    Paul G


  • Tellulater Later
    Tellulater Later

    Cant beat em, ban em.....US turns b!#$ when they cant win 🤣🤣....

  • Elis

    Why did people think Huawei would die because of America and Google fucking them over. For starters China has 1.4 billion people and he just said Huawei have a 42% Market share in china.... Why would Americans not buying them kill their company

  • Anoop Das
    Anoop Das

    Misleading ur subscribers with full screen display

  • Nitin Parmar
    Nitin Parmar

    Okay but what about android applications

  • lo ve
    lo ve

    Huawei is stealing our technology that America doesn’t have!!! We should ban huawei!!!

  • Ng Keng Kock
    Ng Keng Kock

    I will trade in my old Apple with Huawei if my dealer accepts it

  • Manjinder Rai
    Manjinder Rai

    Still rocking the Honor note 8 from Huawei.. 3 years old and way ahead of its time! Apple needs to buy out Huawei if they want to be the true world leader in all tech

  • Nanu Dj
    Nanu Dj

    I m happy to use huawai y9 prime 2019

  • Nasiru Aliyu Gindau
    Nasiru Aliyu Gindau

    I'm happy for u.

  • Akram Alonizi
    Akram Alonizi

    my Huawei p20 pro speed is 833Mbps 🤭🔥 i wished the p30 pro was 5G☹️💔

  • Марио Андонов
    Марио Андонов

    Leta go baby

  • James Antony Raj
    James Antony Raj

    Trump said he is white

  • Mayank Anand
    Mayank Anand

    There is late but not dark..Huawei and China will prove that we Asians dosnot need USA at all!!

  • Brian Khulekani
    Brian Khulekani

    We also in Africa We dont need USA or Europe Just dat we have dumb & greedy leaders

  • Akhil Darta
    Akhil Darta

    Huawei make world best smartphone Every feature come in Huawei first

    • Marvin Njoroge
      Marvin Njoroge

      except battery...for pouvior 3 plus is 6000mPh

  • Realeboha Sebakamotse
    Realeboha Sebakamotse

    I love Huawei and I hope it keeps doing what it does best

  • Frutzburd

    I bought a nova 5t, cameras are awful. Beware of the hype.

    • Frutzburd

      @Rahul Gope CHF, CAU try video with selfie camera and tell me it's not a blurry mess

    • Rahul Gope CHF, CAU
      Rahul Gope CHF, CAU

      Seriously bro. Then why my dad's Nova 5t is a beast

    • kurt justinev
      kurt justinev


  • Awesome world videos
    Awesome world videos

    Just wow.

  • Subrat Kumar Bhoi
    Subrat Kumar Bhoi

    If Huawei wants then they will create another play store. In future that will come because from past we learned and experienced that when someone try to stop someone than they become very strong and win the race or game and the whole world want to see an alternative to google play services.

  • Samiulla Asshifa
    Samiulla Asshifa

    Best of luck Huawei

  • Shaileshprasad Kurmi
    Shaileshprasad Kurmi

    Huawei rocks My favorite brand

  • li fang
    li fang

    Click bait

  • Jaime Costa
    Jaime Costa

    Huawei brilhante manufacturer... We have two P20 Mate we are very pleased and we will continue to support huawei

  • funny maker boy
    funny maker boy


  • Torr HTHC
    Torr HTHC

    The reason they sell is because they sell at 30% of export price in China to the masses. The rich like Huawei’s owner and his family uses the iPhone and iPad because they can afford it.

  • Satish Kumar
    Satish Kumar


  • zahid sabri
    zahid sabri

    Huawei is best


    Huawei's new record: the most banned phone in the world? And the most communist phone!

  • Harry Chandi
    Harry Chandi

    So good I m using Samsung. 👌

  • Can we get 500 Subscribers with no Video?
    Can we get 500 Subscribers with no Video?

    2.96 GB! And I'm just happy that I can watch ARsoft videos on 144p

  • Sovith Meas
    Sovith Meas

    What's the phone in the thumbnail?

  • MS Eng
    MS Eng

    I still hate huwaei i love Samsung the best reliable phone in the world

    • athefirst zthelast
      athefirst zthelast

      Who cares?