Hermitcraft 6: Episode 97 - I'M SORRY ISKALL
Hermitcraft 6: Episode 97 - I'M SORRY ISKALL. Grian is back on hermitcraft making the minecraft bunker and protecting his life.

#minecraft #hermitcraft

  • I like bekfast911
    I like bekfast911

    Let me in... LET ME IN

  • audio trash
    audio trash

    What does suss mean.

    • Jelloette


  • Airhead s
    Airhead s

    You could always put multiple buttons and remember which one it is to the secret entrance you know around the entire safe.

  • Rodney Smith
    Rodney Smith

    Noooo the squid is going to die

  • Rodney Smith
    Rodney Smith


  • Gabi Carroll
    Gabi Carroll

    Can I just mention that neither Grian or Iskall talked about Grian saying car keys instead of keycards?

    • Jelloette


  • Laura Close
    Laura Close

    10:19 it’s gonna be hot potato!

  • King Clydesdale
    King Clydesdale

    16:18 Grian... what we’re going to say...?

  • Renz christian Santos
    Renz christian Santos

    Grian just had a “Creeper aw maan” moment there hahaha

  • History Nerd
    History Nerd

    Iskall doesn’t wear a helmet Grian: I’m about to end this mans whole career

  • 9090fighter

    14:49 is when he gets the head

  • Deborah McDaniel
    Deborah McDaniel

    I just looked at Grian’s hotbar and I’m gonna throw up

  • Indigo Gollum
    Indigo Gollum

    at least the drsgon head wasn't a pumpkin

  • Jim JimC
    Jim JimC

    And I've started

  • bri suh
    bri suh

    grians flying still stresses me out

  • pat hood
    pat hood

    Can you please subscribe to my ARsoft Channel Link: arsoft.info/auth/NtCqXMpyVWpxMTg.html That was soo funny, I almost peed in my pants! Hahahahha

  • 100 subscribers with no video
    100 subscribers with no video


  • Heaven Toast
    Heaven Toast

    You should’ve used the bow

  • Pin Sanchez
    Pin Sanchez

    To hide the button you can just line the top and bottom with buttons

  • G4L4N0TH

    Grian used to be cool just making cool builds and stuff. He seems really weirdly lowkey selfish on hermitcraft to be honest

    • Jelloette

      not really?

  • Wainka

    Everybody so rich that they just have piles of diamond blocks sitting around nd

  • yoboySquishy

    I wa not laughing at iskall's dragon head

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob

    GRAIN yes I wrote Grain You can use a bow and arrow to shoot the buttons.

  • EpicShadowMaster

    Grian: I might even have organised chests. I look at the bunker Me: Totally

  • Fatih Koksal
    Fatih Koksal

    Magenta magenta magenta...That was duck woman!

  • Not Liam
    Not Liam

    B.R.U.H He left the entrance open

  • r4isen1920

    Iskall: *"I heard!!"* :O (mouth open) 21:31

  • umbreon gammer
    umbreon gammer

    U should have made the bunker under the dimaionds

  • OMGitsme DAVID
    OMGitsme DAVID

    Iskall85 you can die Hahaha

    • Jelloette

      OMGitsme DAVID wth does this mean??

  • Music Clips
    Music Clips

    I missed the stream are you making it a video

  • Victoria Friedrich
    Victoria Friedrich

    Look under the carpet

  • Victoria Friedrich
    Victoria Friedrich

    Beware iskall trapped the iron armour dispenser to give you the dragon head

  • Jennifer Weber
    Jennifer Weber

    I would kill for a face cam of both of them in this video

  • MovieTheaterCat

    I’m totally subscribing to iskall because of the dragon head 😂

  • Fusion Fury
    Fusion Fury

    After seeing Iskalls new episode... Grain...do you know of Murphy Law? Anything that can go wrong will go wrong? And usually at the worst time? Combine this with Newton's Third Law plus "coming back at yah!" and the future is set in stone.

  • AllPurposeFlour1

    hey I don't wanna intrude in ur life but wut problems do u have grian

  • playbyme 123
    playbyme 123

    Beware of iskal, he will want revenge, keep all armour slots equipped

  • David Filipović
    David Filipović

    DO NOT TRUST DOC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julian Ethan Pascua III
    Julian Ethan Pascua III

    1:25 u should break the box and see what is in it

  • Sknyc

    18:48 when he turned around, that killed me. 😂