H3H3 Watches Megachurch Pastor Explain Why He Needs A Private Jet
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  • Ringgo Junior
    Ringgo Junior

    This is the same thing happened to Lucifer, one of the best angel, when given enough glory/power/knowledge.. these type of people forget the word 'GIVEN'.. forget the grace from the almighty n start benefiting their own selves/egos..

  • Bryan Prather
    Bryan Prather

    I’m a seminary graduate and an evangelical. I appreciate you exposing these nut baskets.

  • Jackie Travels
    Jackie Travels

    My tube has a bunch of tiny demons that are ready explode on some titties!

  • Alien Soup
    Alien Soup

    Why can't they just charter a private plane when they need it? Why do they need to BUY one?

  • Cacyademonenom

    Next time - Pastor explain why he needs money for a real fruit bowl

  • Ryan Bright
    Ryan Bright

    As a Christian, these guys absolutely irritate me. I understand people not wanting to be Christian if this is all they ever knew. My rule of thumb is: if they preach on TV, find something else to see.

  • Acmecondor's Realm
    Acmecondor's Realm

    You're pedaling a show pedaling against rich people to get views on ARsoft lol who's the idiot now ? Yeah you you're just as bad as they are and just as ignorant.

  • Sparky Runner
    Sparky Runner

    KENNITH COPLAND, The second son of God Almighty needs these things that Satan uses to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to get rich in his holy name ! He is only using Satan's Stuff an Jets to crush the filthy snake's head to fly to those places to save the young boys, girls an the fallen angels in Los Vegas from SIN ! An the improved Bible clearly an cleverly says that Moses an all the other prophets in the Holy Bible were in fact extremely wealthy evangelical Minister's !!! Without those expensive THINGS made of Gold, Silver, aluminum an plastic they would never would have been able to spread the word to the sinners here on Earth !!! In fact Kenneth Copeland and his wife talk to the Holy Ghost everyday to change the weather and can save you an your family from all your sexual needs by donating to : "THE SPEED OF THE HOLY GHOST " for a new Jet plane an a new red Ferrari ! You know that if you can not afford it at this time, his anointed Deacons can arrange monthly time payments for you an your loved ones !!!!!! Better hurry before it is too late or you will have to go to Hell for ever an ever an a day with all those other sinful none believers !!!!! KENNITH is pointing his stink finger at you , so you better get with it right NOW !!!! Stop being a Demon an join in on the pleasures of the New Improved Jesus . Amen an hallelujah in his name.

  • Sage Sarabia
    Sage Sarabia

    The girl co host is weirder than the host

  • Chik Fil Ye
    Chik Fil Ye

    honestly, is Ethan ok?

  • miguel rodriguez
    miguel rodriguez

    Two devil's talking at a table about God they look like demons

  • miguel rodriguez
    miguel rodriguez

    The guy in the yellow hat is powdered out

  • Ekircher5

    And now 2020 he tries to profit off of the COVID-19 situation

  • Wayne McMorran
    Wayne McMorran

    Only in America is there enough dumbasses to make these con artists rich. stupid is what stupid does.

  • anna nimus
    anna nimus

    "Why would they cheapen their God?" That IS vital to their core belief. They insist that they are literally *gods*. To get people to believe that they must elevate themselves while lowering God. They are stunningly arrogant.

  • Ege

    Hila is such a fucking buzzkill sometimes .

  • TVOR - The Voice of Reason
    TVOR - The Voice of Reason

    why does he resemble a gargoyle?

  • Rowan Melton
    Rowan Melton

    "Jimmy Savell" really? It's pronounced "Savull"

    • Paul Adams
      Paul Adams


  • Baby Cat
    Baby Cat


  • Jacob Barela
    Jacob Barela

    she is sooo fucking beautiful

  • Bee Cnya
    Bee Cnya

    Most Christians don’t claim them. And no body comments on him cursing.

  • Baxter Davis
    Baxter Davis

    whats up with your eyes and all that nose wiping??? coke??

  • The Narrator
    The Narrator

    Unless you're a hardcore delusional idiot you probably won't like those psychopaths, no need to put it put there

  • Professor Beep Boop
    Professor Beep Boop

    After I watch these guys on their prosperity Christan Network every Sunday, I just get hankering for a masturbation session with the Lord and some pornhub!

  • James Burns
    James Burns

    Damn she is ugly 😵😵

  • Mozues Olympian
    Mozues Olympian

    Religious people can be so gullible

  • Shafiq Ramjaun
    Shafiq Ramjaun

    These pastors are Satan personified!

  • NPC #303
    NPC #303

    Lmao Ethan offended by him dying his hair talking about thered nothing wrong with having grey hair lol (which there isnt the funny part is ethans grey hair)

  • Don Durham
    Don Durham

    Really with the language? Do you really need to do that to make your point? You're as phony as they are by trying to show how "cool" you are.

  • Sergio Bellamy
    Sergio Bellamy

    As far as i Know Jesus not Born from Glamour!

  • Kashkanyingi Kanyingi
    Kashkanyingi Kanyingi

    How about he talk to his god about covid 19. Surely his god will do anything he say or has his god gone deaf?

  • David Gouty
    David Gouty

    It's so rediculous. I played Christian rock music around a lot of this and just literally couldn't take it anymorething that's so sad is a lot of these people that are so gung-ho are usually the ones that windup denying their faith rather than just may be needing to reorganize your face it's just a sad thing

  • Gaelic Warrior
    Gaelic Warrior

    If God wanted us to fly he would have given us wings... er, um, private jets... wait...

  • Amber Marchand
    Amber Marchand

    TBN is a money robbing network. Using the bible to take advantage of those whom are in need. The love of money is the root of all evil.

  • E Taylor
    E Taylor

    And christians will run you over if you say these shit pastors ain't talking to god they better hope its not a hell.

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith

    Yeah, the pastors are crazy but so is the guy that's obviously f'ed up on something.

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith

    Is there something I'm missing or is dude in the yellow hat methed out?

  • Joe


  • Miller

    Two of the worlds biggest crooks , preying on innocent people , swindling people money and living like rock stars , pure robbers .

  • voteZDLR

    It's basically fraud and they are criminals.

  • dudestir127

    Imagine if those megachurch pastors had to take vows of poverty the way Catholic clergy does. I know they're far from perfect, but still, imagine the outrage at a Catholic priest using Church funds to buy himself a private jet.

  • Mac Turner
    Mac Turner

    These pastors deserve all the money ,mansions, and private Jets they can get from the stupid people that pay for it

  • Francis MacDonald
    Francis MacDonald

    “His face looks like a fucking football” 💀 why is it so accurate

  • Oh Yes - The Funky JIU-JITSU
    Oh Yes - The Funky JIU-JITSU

    Plot twist, these Megachurch Pastors just have Schizophrenia.

  • Kontempo

    this dude speaking in the podcast is so fukin drunk or high check out his horrible creepy faces lmfao

  • Niño Malo
    Niño Malo

    If u think its outrageous that a pastor from america, one of the wealthiest countries in the world has a private jet, imagine a pastor having a private jet in a third world country like guatemala. His name is cash luna. Look him up if u like

  • kayden king
    kayden king

    Do u like your plane ? Good cause you sold your soul for it. No rich man is getting into heaven .

  • mars base
    mars base

    What a scam! This is the type of thing that led me to atheism. I'm sure someone said already, but FYI, it's "The Amazing Randy" lol

  • P. C.
    P. C.

    God told me to tell him, to go to hell.

  • Louis Rautenbach
    Louis Rautenbach

    Ey man get a stress ball while talking. I agree with what youre sayin bud

  • Sid Vicious
    Sid Vicious

    Wow! The host OF THIS Podcast is very good at controlling his voice level for as much Methamphetamine as he did just before the sitting down for the show.

  • Nosh Pollitt
    Nosh Pollitt

    Wow Ethan got fat fast

  • Richard Sholly
    Richard Sholly

    Kenneth copeland(left devil) and Jesse duplantis(right) are Both of the DEVIL and along with the host of this show you all need God who is JESUS CHRIST, repent and be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sin and ask God for the HOLY SPIRIT and u will get into heaven

  • Jeffery Sherwood
    Jeffery Sherwood

    These fake fucks should be took to the middle of the ocean dropped off and see if god will save them from sharks

  • Richard Bambenek
    Richard Bambenek

    His demonic eyes look like two piss holes in a snowbank.

    • K W
      K W

      Dude look like he’s wearing a Richard Nixon goon mask

  • Nathan Fisher NF7
    Nathan Fisher NF7

    So wait.. H3H3 have the obvious H3H3 channel the Ethan and Hilla channel the H3Pocasts channel and this H3Podcasts Highlights?? Or is this some guy uploading their vids in short??

  • Dominik Jankovich
    Dominik Jankovich

    Buy a handkerchief.

  • Gort 1913
    Gort 1913

    Check out Benny Hinn sometime. One the biggest con-men ever. US Postal service and IRS agents raided his office a couple years ago.

  • timsmd61

    The radio guy appears to have lots of hate i him...lol....whose worse, copeland and deplantis or the guy full of hate...hummmmm MAYBE HE SHOULD NOT JUDGE JUST BECAUSE COPELAND SIN'S DIFFERENTLY THAN HE DOES ...LMAO

  • Tom B
    Tom B

    Matthew <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1163">19:23</a> : “Then said Jesus unto his disciples, Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

  • Michael Peters
    Michael Peters

    Where's the fear?

  • ethel paul
    ethel paul

    Well your no better either using bad language tell your story without the language stopped watching o maybe you should do some praying just saying

    • ethel paul
      ethel paul

      NordicEgg Tv really

    • NordicEgg Tv
      NordicEgg Tv

      It's funny how a person could be so dumb. Talking about you btw.

  • Benny Skyn
    Benny Skyn

    Is a criminal sounding fake southern accent a prerequisite for doing this shady shit?

  • tbird90sc

    The reason they do that thing with their arms in the air, it acts like an antenna and improves their reception. Besides if they don't wave their little arms in the air then they won't feel as pious and holy at the pot luck afterwards. I am a Christian, these people make me sick and I often wish they would just immolate in place.

  • Vokasha Kirashiro
    Vokasha Kirashiro


  • Daniel

    These pastors aren’t Christians FYI. Thanks for exposing these people regardless. Their God is Satan. It doesn’t diminish him.

  • Dan Max
    Dan Max

    People who believe these conmen are so far gone, that they would rather believe the lies then ever except the truth ! Anybody that listens to these WOLFS IN SHEEPS CLOTHES, have never even picked up a Holy Bible, let alone read it before, or they would know there being deceived !

  • Michael Morgan
    Michael Morgan

    As a Christian, I've lost a lot of faith in these so-called faith teachers. My mom sit there struggling to pay her bills, and these bastards would threaten her with letters saying that she "lied to God" because the county tax assessor bill was more important than the "tithe" she promised them. All she got in return was a form letter with a swatch of stained cloth, supposedly a piece of The Shroud of Turin. Mom died of a massive stroke, and Alzheimer's. Nothing I've asked God for, under" name it and claim it" ever came true. If it had been so, I would have had that wife, children, and home that Mom saw in her so called "vision of God" . So, no. They have all lost credibility with me. They're an embarrassment to God, and a danger to anyone that follows them. They are criminals.

  • WK X
    WK X

    low? definitely, lowest? not quite: as the football padre stated clearly himself, 'we are in sole business here.'

  • John Himbury
    John Himbury

    what douche bags they are lucifer the devil's pawns, not Christian.

  • Charles Davis
    Charles Davis

    All of those guys are liars. If you believe in God read the scriptures for yourself and don't give any of those guys your hard earned money. Unless you are a damn fool

  • John Sargent
    John Sargent

    These preachers are out to pasture. You know what I’m sayin...

  • Jonathan Ainsworth
    Jonathan Ainsworth

    It’s funny how people claim to be talking to God but are actually just talking to themselves 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jonathan Lipson
    Jonathan Lipson

    That's great drugs or something?

  • Grumpy Guy
    Grumpy Guy

    God gave you a plane??? I hear voices in my head,but if I say the voice is God I'm not crazy...

  • Amy Cook
    Amy Cook

    ' The guy's face looks like a fucking football' 😄😄😄😄😄

  • Sepp Rucksack
    Sepp Rucksack

    The Devil himself is more a christian than this 2 greedy Bastards

  • Ambassadors of The Mashiach
    Ambassadors of The Mashiach

    My blood boils everytime I see or hear them they will be soooooo sorry. The richest conmen in the world that havent done a hard days work in their life. Grrrrrrŕ

  • Leny Van Berlo
    Leny Van Berlo

    I am sure that God spoke to Jesse Duplantis. Becarefull what you say about him. Are you God??

  • Edward Everhart
    Edward Everhart

    Another example of stupid ass people following assholes like this.Someone should shoot these types in the head.Religious people scare me with their bullshit.

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