GAD Symptoms: 6 Generalized Anxiety Disorder Symptoms
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Millions of people all over the world suffer from what is commonly known as 'generalized anxiety disorder' and it's only by first understanding and recognize the symptoms of generalized anxiety that one can then go about finding and seeking treatment.
This video will go over 6 of the most common GAD symptoms that you should be looking out for when trying to determine whether you (or someone else) may be suffering from generalized anxiety disorder.
And whilst this GAD symptom list doesn't cover absolutely every possible symptom that can result out of GAD it does cover some of the most common and frequent ones.
This generalized anxiety disorder symptoms list includes:
- Excessive and worrying. Easily one of the most common symptoms of GAD is simply worrying about everything and everything and often totally unnecessary.
- Tiredness and difficulty sleeping. Often GAD sufferers will worry so much that they lose sleep and find themselves constantly tired and sleep deprived.
- Headaches. Another common GAD symptom in both men and women is he the headache which can only disappear when the person is relaxed and the re-appear again whenever they become anxious.
- Troubles Concentrating. Many people with generalized anxiety disorder have big problems concentrating on the task at hand finding themselves unable to properly focus and always distracted.
- Constant Bathroom Trips. For some people with GAD the stress will cause them urinate frequently. This could however also be the result of other issues.
- Irritability. The last common symptom of GAD irritability and many suffered find themselves getting easily irritated at even the most minor of things.

  • Veah Almanza
    Veah Almanza

    This is so me :

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    Keshar Khadka Punwar

    Thanks! Greeting from the top of the World ! Hail Nepal !!!

  • Shreyas Kashyap
    Shreyas Kashyap

    never thought that all this hell will come in my life together cant even cry or smile as i always feel numb and anxious at everything cant even hold a job because of all this and now i am at home doing nothing and just using internet to relax myself. its been 5 years and nothing is getting better.

  • Dalt

    I'm 22 and I thought I was having a heart attack and went to the ER and tests such as ECG, Chest X-Ray, and Blood work was performed. And was told I had GAD and my heartrate pushes to 100 bpm and with resting it can go back down but this is new and scary.

  • Yasmin Styles
    Yasmin Styles

    I been missing school because of anxiety and my mum thinks I stay up all night on the phone hence not getting enough sleep and missing school

  • Lord Capo
    Lord Capo

    Being socially awkward, easily angry, and having no sleep all makes sence now 🤔

  • Maya Poniecki
    Maya Poniecki

    I just remember being in my dad's car then all of a sudden I felt like I was going to die right there. I went to the doctor and they don't know if it is GAD or not. Every day it gets worse and I don't know what to do.

  • Wolfy Stars
    Wolfy Stars

    can someone help me and tell me if i have anxiety? i cant tell. ok so the symptoms i do have is its hard to concentrate, i lash out at ppl alot, i feel tired all the time, i have abdominal pains (i researched and that can happen due to anxiety) im irritable, sometimes its hard to sleep, i stress and worry so much that even if someone says i joke i think they mean it, i feel like im going to loose everything and it will be all my fault and i never have an apatite. someone please help me and tell me if i do have gad

  • Tracey Cooke
    Tracey Cooke

    I have GAD. It comes in the form of health anxiety, social anxiety, ocd, intrusive thoughts, claustrophobia, fear of flying etc. I seem to have the whole shebang. I've just made an appointment to see a cbt therapist because basically it's killing me. The worst is the constant (24/7) feeling in my solar plexis like i can NEVER relax, even doing yoga. I have bad pain in my jaw and teeth because I'm constantly clenching my teeth, even in my sleep. I wake up with my teeth clenched. I really hope cbt helps. I'm also going to try acupuncture. I hope we all find some peace.

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    Hm. I need to address this.

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    haley mayes

    I can’t take it anymore it’s taking over my life

  • I.Got.Insight

    I think im the only one be numb everywhere all over the body ANYONE ELSE ??

  • Robin Sk
    Robin Sk

    I want to give you something dear friend... A compassionate heart A loving touch A gentle smile A warm embrace A listening ear A kind word A hope filled future A purpose filled life A brand new start A desire to live Your dignity and respect Complete forgiveness ...and so much more Yes, If you are missing your life dear friend then cry out to me. I love you much more than you know. -The Lord Jesus Christ

  • Maya Grundy
    Maya Grundy

    I think I have GAD but but I’m unsure but I don’t want to talk to my family because they will just be like just breathe you will be fine which then makes me more anxious and I don’t know what to do 😖😖😖

  • Daisy jones
    Daisy jones

    OMG I think I have this but I'm not sure yet I had three panic attacks in 5 days and my parents are scared as hell


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  • Blue Hyoo
    Blue Hyoo

    Does anyone have stomach cramps and always feeling nauseous?

  • Wigg Snatched
    Wigg Snatched

    I have gad and I realize that my worries are unrealistic but that doesn’t stop me from worrying about them :/

  • Keshar Khadka Punwar
    Keshar Khadka Punwar

    Thanks! Hail! Nepal !!!

  • Dark boxes
    Dark boxes

    It seems i have GAD

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    Is Atoractove Secrets useful to completely eliminated your social anxiety? I've learn a lot of good things about this popular anxiety treatment.

  • NoExplanations 13
    NoExplanations 13

    I’m seeing a therapist on the 2nd of January to either get diagnosed or find out what I’m dealing with.

  • Tracy Dailey
    Tracy Dailey

    I m on Celexa for Anxiety and PTSD.

  • Libby Price
    Libby Price

    woah as soon as you was talking about my anxiety not letting me focus it was like I was fighting myself to look at the screen!!!!

  • Depression Talks
    Depression Talks

    This makes me speechless. It's weird watching something that explains EXACTLY what you're going through....

  • Beth Laird
    Beth Laird

    I think I have it... I have all symptoms except from the frequent bathroom tips. Someone help

  • Xclusive

    So can someone help me out ? I'm not sure if I have GAD but now that I am looking into it, I want to know if it is possible that I do. When I get nervous or when I worry about things, I take it to another level. For example , my teacher scolded me at school (about a late assignment) and I swore up and down that was the end of me. My thoughts raced from 'what if she doesn't like me anymore' to 'what if I get kicked out of school' basically unnecessary things. With that being said I tend to lose sleep over simple thoughts. Also, I haven't been eating as I should be. I have lost my appetite and my doctor put me on pills for it and i guess it help. Now, I tend to get aggravating quickly and my mom always ask why I'm so irritable. (I started realizing it after I got put on the pills) With headaches, it seems like I get them when my over worried thoughts really get to me. At first I blank out and stare then, I have headaches which go away when I calm down and even then I'm not fully calm. I always shook off these "symptoms" but now that I've came across this video , I'm not sure I can anymore. (Oh if my age plays apart in this, I am 13 and I'm afraid to ask my parents to take me to a doctor to see if I have GAD or and anxiety disorder.). Thanks

    • Catsrock21322

      GAD is definitely a difficult thing to deal with. There are a lot of tests online you can try to see a vague result. When you're feeling calm enough try to ask your parents to take you to the doctor. You don't have to take this advice, just trying to help. Good luck! Edit : I have been diagnosed with GAD

  • A T
    A T

    Can someone please tell me the name of the background song?

  • hifi 88
    hifi 88

    I think theres a lot more symtoms than this it affects your entire life the way you get on with others, problems in your job and career goals and relationships. Its not normal anxiety where you switch it off its a disorder. Therapy can only help manage it not cure it

  • Kawaii *Cat
    Kawaii *Cat

    I am only 12 and I have some of the symptoms and today I killed a spider and started freaking out and felt like I was about to faint and I am scared to my life I can't sleep because I have thoughts in my head. Someone please tell me. What's wrong with me???

  • Cari

    I used to have this when I got diagnosed when I was 17 but then I was having a lot of cognitive therapy that I kind of got annoyed for I did not know what to talk about and stopped going to my therapist. Before my therapist told me the psychiatrist said I have GAD; I actually had this all thru my college years but I did not understand. I cry and become very tense. I tend to absorb everyone feelings so much I noticed I use telepathically thoughts so I become so uncomfortable. I took microbiology course and I studied so much and memorized a lot but due to those thoughts I couldn’t control them. I actually met with the professor for help and clarify my notes but my tests scores weren’t that good. The professor even said I wasn’t studying enough. That broke my heart and I actually losing confidence. I also thought I was doing something wrong. I bought myself a whiteboard and studied the whole night and day but I suck. I think I am kind of slow and sensitive being. :( I honestly want that letter from the psychologist so when I take future courses the teacher would understand why I’m slower to finish a test. I have GAD combined with OCD but I’m normal and awesoem. I just a bit anxious and sometimes insecure which leads me to feel lonely. 😔 I can be an ambivert and talk a lot this is why people comment I’m not shy. I do believe the only way I can feel better is by exercise, talking to others, and reading a lot but I got so tired of absorbing those thoughts I did not know what to do. I felt like I wanted to die and I wanted to take my heart out of my chest and throw it away (figuratively )

  • JM Veda
    JM Veda

    I have anxiety but doctors say its schizophrenia which gives me more *anxiety*

  • Mary Betz
    Mary Betz

    this is weird, but does anyone have most of these symptoms, but a specific symptom is anxiousness and irritability? I have memory anxiety too, like sudden spurts of anger when I think about a memory. Its like a certain memory that can be a dream or a mistake I made in the past that caused my adrenalin to rush and it makes me feel like I'm about to explode? I really think I should talk to my doctor about this, I literally have all of these symptoms.

    • Mary Betz
      Mary Betz

      UNCLE_EN! Simaku nobody ever understands what I'm talking about I'm happy that you do

    • Mary Betz
      Mary Betz

      UNCLE_EN! Simaku idk but I feel like I'm afraid of accepting that I have this, whenever my doctor asks me if I have anxiety or depression, I always say no because my family is with me, my mother doesnt believe me when I say things like that, she doesnt believe I have social anxiety either. I think I might go to the doctors when im in college so I can figure things out without my parents butting in.

    • UNCLE_EN! Simaku
      UNCLE_EN! Simaku

      But made a big stupid mistake lately, these last past 7 months trying to reduce my perfect everyday morning 20 mg dose and the dark is back, the damn MDD relapsed, so please be careful if you decide seeing a doctor and talk about seroxat. I don't know where u from or where u live, but i am albanian living in albania and it is really hard overcoming in here

    • UNCLE_EN! Simaku
      UNCLE_EN! Simaku

      But it is much simplier than that. It is called major depressive disorder. I got diagnosed since 7 years ago because of this way of thinking. Took seroxat, a SSRI, that really helped a lot and worked great on me and made me feel the perfect person. No worries, nothing ever stressed me anymore and when thinking of those idiotic past events, i just laugh proudly to those jerks.

    • UNCLE_EN! Simaku
      UNCLE_EN! Simaku

      Oh, i feel so sorry about you and me too. Your suffer looks exactly like mine. Makes feel like about to die because of that foolish stupid event and overthinking on that. You also may feel like everything bad that has come to you, is because of that, meanwhile knowing it is just some bullshit. Ask yourself why did this thought just came right now, in this moment and cannot pass the confusion it makes in mind

  • Andrew Grover
    Andrew Grover

    The only thing causing excessive worry right now is that background fluttering like crazy when I'm trying to watch the damn video

  • Kailee Mason
    Kailee Mason

    I got 1,2,4

  • Peach Lemonade
    Peach Lemonade

    If I'm worried about something happening the next day, I will force myself to stay awake the whole night so it doesn't come as soon as it would feel it did if I went to sleep. Sucks when I worry about school a lot. It often ends with me not being able to go to whatever I was supposed to go to because the lack of sleep makes me feel sick.

  • Evert Björklund
    Evert Björklund

    Hi enywhan traid luvox/fluvoxamine?

  • spacecow

    I have this so much I almost have all of these symptoms

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    Amit Studies

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    Carolina García

    Hey everyone, the best results that I have had was by following Kevs Control Plan (just google it) - definately thebest resource that I have ever followed.

  • ArtFull Boutique
    ArtFull Boutique

    It's "NOT" Thoughts that Spark GAD, It's PHYSIOLOGY!!!!!

    • UNCLE_EN! Simaku
      UNCLE_EN! Simaku

      Is this really true? How you know that? This is driving me crazy

  • SDLivin

    I can’t stop crying I just want it to go away

  • SDLivin

    I also feel water all over me and I’m always depressed

  • SDLivin

    Anybody get lots of deja vu?i get all these symptoms

  • Gena Ramos
    Gena Ramos

    I have been feeling the numbness of my arms and hands, including gradual palpitation.

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    😓 I am exhausted of this

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    The background music gives me anxiety


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    ItchyLicePooPooHead bitch

    idk if i have this but i feel all of the symtoms help..

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    why i have all of them symptoms :(( i want to be normal

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    Everyday has been a torture for 2 years

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  • Luis

    Does anyone else have like moments when your talking about something you know really well and then it all of a sudden goes cloudy and you can’t physically get the words out and you get stuck in a loop of thinking the same thing?

  • Val Muniz
    Val Muniz

    I don’t remember a day without experiencing these symptoms

  • Scarlett사랑해

    So apparently I have OCD, GAD, and social anxiety...all at once...yay

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    My feet get cold which is a lot more unpleasant then you would think