Gad Elmaleh Stand-Up 05/11/16 - CONAN on TBS
Team Coco
Gad makes his US English language stand-up debut. But don't get too excited, he just memorized everything phonetically.
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  • Telest Klerton
    Telest Klerton - hmmm

  • cesar suarez
    cesar suarez

    Vas-y ma poule, trop cool !!!

  • fafo0o

    Go gad ❤️🥰😘

  • Latter

    He is a joke thief

  • Communicator Lehmed
    Communicator Lehmed Thought device buissness lady.

  • Diego Cabral
    Diego Cabral

    I’m getting some Gru vibes

  • Sam CH
    Sam CH

    Il est super en Anglais aussi, Gad ...trop fort

  • Mandy Fard
    Mandy Fard

    3:44 OMG!!!!! LOL!!! "I sent her back an "!!!!!! Hilarious! :-)

  • Abdelhak winston
    Abdelhak winston

    he spaks three language i understand he never failed making me laugh my assoff lol

  • Ornina 88 Ornina 88
    Ornina 88 Ornina 88

    Autant fort en anglais qu'en français ! Tu nous fait éclater Jad 💯💯💯

  • Z EBN
    Z EBN

    Please ignore comments from this account.

  • Aissa Ghezielle
    Aissa Ghezielle

    i want some help to my chanelle i Don't have any subscribe can u help please thank you for everyone helping me

  • Ines El Euch
    Ines El Euch

    What's the egg plant emogi means ?

    • Oussama EL FALAKI
      Oussama EL FALAKI


  • AEL //
    AEL //

    Je rigole alors que j’ai rien compris

  • andromisilibrober

    Il parle un peu bizarrement en anglais, c'est agaçant

  • Targazh

    He made us proud of him again

  • Batmanna Man
    Batmanna Man

    I was so dissppointed to learn This guy is a robber of jokes in France.#copyComic .Look for it in a french documentery " envoyer special- blagues copie gad elmaleh( copy jokes) " shame on him.

  • Mj B
    Mj B

    One of my favorite comedians period!!!

  • Meriem Marie
    Meriem Marie

    He is hilarious in English !

  • Bopoh Kestrel
    Bopoh Kestrel

    Come to morocco coco

  • Ismael Gonzaez
    Ismael Gonzaez

    El canal de Franco Escamilla me trajo aqui..!!!

  • Lili Lailaa
    Lili Lailaa

    You re from morocco

  • carlin callista
    carlin callista

    I send her back an ambulance 😂

  • White Shadow
    White Shadow

    Que ce soit en Anglais ou en Français Gad reste le meilleur . Il arrive toujours a me faire rire

  • Ilyas ADNANE
    Ilyas ADNANE

    Ce gas est tellemnt drôle qu'il a voulu aller aux Etats Unis pour les faire rire. Je pense que c'est le seul qui eu l'audace de le faire et plutôt bien!!

  • Dmitri Trs
    Dmitri Trs

    me it's more like ooo you from France Ooh LALALA Voulez vous couchez avec moi OUI OUI and I pass some lmao

  • Refat Rabadi
    Refat Rabadi

    Gad is Good...

  • 1952mclean

    He is very funny and smart!

  • Cap jkkj
    Cap jkkj

    Il parle super bien anglais en si peu de temps

  • NEL -Clash Royale
    NEL -Clash Royale

    Ce mec parle arabe français et anglais d'une facilité

  • Xiaotong Li
    Xiaotong Li

    Gad!!!! Love your Netflix show

  • Dan K
    Dan K

    Know the truth about Gad:

  • Dan K
    Dan K

    The Carlos Mencía of France

  • Michael Fels
    Michael Fels

    Just saw his netflix show. Great stuff.

  • FeenDrizzle

    Anyone here in 2019 because of the new Netflix show Huge in France?

    • X Z
      X Z

      Just watched the other night, almost died laughing 😂

    • Didier Walter
      Didier Walter

      Nope just to see if he stole some new material

    • Nishant Pradhan
      Nishant Pradhan

      FeenDrizzle Yep !

  • Henrique


  • Spread Peace
    Spread Peace

    OH MY GAAAAD... il assure meme en anglais

  • Roberto Mizhquiri
    Roberto Mizhquiri

    how can you not like this guy?! fav new comedian!

  • max

    The most famous French stand up comedian that still joke from everybody. WATCH THIS

  • spike sanderss
    spike sanderss

    specialist plagiarist

  • fédé saboza
    fédé saboza

    Gad El mâleh copies the shows of many artists in Quebec France America is a scam he makes money on the backs of artists no merites

  • tkautzor

    This guy built his entire career in France by plagiarizing US comedians, especially Seinfeld.

  • spike sanderss
    spike sanderss

    specialist plagiarism

  • Émile Herbert
    Émile Herbert

    This guy made millions stealing other comedians material. Check #CopyComic

  • No8a

    I tried to laugh

  • Aleistermax Omeg
    Aleistermax Omeg


  • scopa tu manaa
    scopa tu manaa

    oh my GAD ! he's so funny 🤣🤣

  • Brendan Risney
    Brendan Risney

    "How long have you two been married?" "She's my sister." "So is the sex still good?" First time in America and he's already got it down.

  • MoroNews مـــورو نيـــوز
    MoroNews مـــورو نيـــوز

    You funny and a liar just say you're from f morocco 😕

  • koukou cénou
    koukou cénou

    I support him because he came from Casablanca he succed in France and now he IS going international he IS a workaholic and i support that.

  • Fra ruger
    Fra ruger

    Stupid jokes only yanks love..i see why Dylan Moran does not come to US to entertain those daft audiences.

  • Amal Karim
    Amal Karim

    Mais pourquoi tu es mmiignooon :(

  • oe Uve
    oe Uve


  • حمزة الخلطي
    حمزة الخلطي

    Eggplant 😂😂😂😂

  • Amine ziane
    Amine ziane

    c'est bien continue comme ça

  • Mr Elayas
    Mr Elayas

    Proud to be moroccan

  • Naïma Namste
    Naïma Namste

    Superbe hahahhah

  • 9ossay Hdad
    9ossay Hdad

    Great...more people had me in tears

  • Roz Bariz
    Roz Bariz

    He is funnier in french but well done Gad!

  • Cicero Araujo
    Cicero Araujo

    thanks for the statue of liberty and welcome to America