"Elsa, do you want to play a game?" Josh Gad on Olaf's 'more mature' voice in Frozen 2
BBC Radio 1
Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff play Olaf and Kristoff in Disney's Frozen - and now again in Frozen 2! Here they speak to Radio 1's Ali Plumb about the power of 'Let It Go', birthday cakes, French markets in London, impersonating reindeer and, um, Olaf's "more mature" voice. Hmm.

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  • MidKnight

    Five minutes of Jonathan Groff Laughing.

  • Raphael Loh
    Raphael Loh

    I watched Frozen 2 cause it's Disney and I love Elsa... but the story and songs were so much better, and my mum died when I was 1yr, so this really touched me and is why I loved it!

  • Archie The Film Buff
    Archie The Film Buff

    Who listens to Ali plumb’s podcast?

  • Artsy Pebble
    Artsy Pebble

    Technically Let It Go is a summer song cause Elsa sand it when it was summer in arrendale 🤔

  • Kunjumol G
    Kunjumol G

    When Olaf became mature, he sounded like batman

  • willians dante Justiniano
    willians dante Justiniano

    From 4:00 Olaf turns into Batman

  • 歐珊

    I love Jonathan and Josh only interviews, they seem like they genuinely enjoy each other's company and not only doing the interview to promote the movie

  • Victoria Nigro
    Victoria Nigro

    The funniest interview I have ever seen

  • Zarra Saphire
    Zarra Saphire

    Josh Gad try sing the song Olaf sing with Anna please

  • sherylxj

    i love how when im listeningto Josh talk i can picture olaf speaking in real time 😂

  • Maria Jose Céspedes
    Maria Jose Céspedes

    I literally had a spoon full of food in my mouth when Josh made the deep voice and I LOST IT 🤣 I was choking in silence 🥵😬

  • Lyrianne D'Azure
    Lyrianne D'Azure

    I've rewatch this numerous times and it's the best promo interview!!!

  • Nick James
    Nick James

    When he mentioned the Frozen Dads who dress up as Elsa, did anyone else immediately think of the dad who dressed up as Elsa with his son and they both were dancing to Let It Go in their living room?? No one..? Just me..? Okay...

  • Waterflame89


  • bob sagTHICC
    bob sagTHICC

    Johnathan Groff saying he spent his birthday alone is just like his character being alone all his life (before he met anna) hit me right in the feels

  • mounira agerbi
    mounira agerbi

    jonathan is litteraly me. I laugh at almost every single thing my friend says.

  • Sforzando clyde
    Sforzando clyde

    Jonathan Groff was "all-laugh"... Lol

  • Yvonne Joyce Aguinaldo
    Yvonne Joyce Aguinaldo

    This interviewer is good with questions, as always.

  • rp b
    rp b

    It's either this video or the second with Josh in which Jonathan holds Josh's hand lovingly. Jonathan is but Josh isn't gay but the physical (hand) connection between them shows the "love" they share and their comfort in showing it, a greatly evolved and progressive way for people of all types to interact. Jonathan is so open and funny and kind and creative in these vids; can't help but thinking that's partly a result of him being in London for the Frozen press junket where his partner Corey Baker is.

  • Felicity Mendes
    Felicity Mendes

    From Psychotic King George to Kristoff

  • Mai Khiwi
    Mai Khiwi

    dude, i just fucking laugh like there was no tomorrow, when josh dide the "mature" voice of olaf, when he said "elsa, do you wanna play a game", man i laughed so hard my mom yelled at me to shut up, i was in my room and she was in the kitchen

  • ella schröder
    ella schröder

    is jonathan high

  • Chloe Stiles
    Chloe Stiles

    _"she followed me into a market"_ ~ Josh Gad 2019

  • softieblaine

    Jonathan is so soft

  • Nae Nae Pierce
    Nae Nae Pierce

    Josh: I went into a market- a French market... Jon: 😱😱😱 Josh:...and there was this young lady wh- Jon: *YoU wErE iN fRaNcE?!?* 😨 Josh: no here Me: wait where are they?? 😨

  • Traci_Angels


  • gillian owens
    gillian owens

    I love movie so funny

  • Movies by Rosie
    Movies by Rosie

    Jonathon: I bought a cupcake and spent my birthday alone 😭😭

  • Hannah 4 evr
    Hannah 4 evr

    Can anyone else narrarate all of frozen? No? Okay just me then

  • tsamneb

    god josh gad is so hot and adorable

  • Addison Wellspring
    Addison Wellspring

    I’m mad so mad I have a crush on kristoff and ANNA TOOK HIM LIKE O.M.G

  • Anne

    nobody: jonathan: "you were in france?"

  • 이얏호


  • Cynii L
    Cynii L

    Josh Gad is so good at imitating voices !!

  • Cynii L
    Cynii L

    We need more Olaf with a french accent LOLLL!!!

  • The Kool Kids
    The Kool Kids

    I love Jonathan groffs laugh it’s so iconic🥺❤️

  • The Fangirl
    The Fangirl

    Josh: h- Jonathan: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shadow Lord
    Shadow Lord


  • Michelle Smith
    Michelle Smith

    That was a genuinely kind thing that Josh did for that girl! 👏🏻❤️

  • iloveart20101

    I want to punch Josh Gad annoying voice and face!

  • hey charlie
    hey charlie

    I'm living for these two in all of these interviews

  • jbrgl mtjnb
    jbrgl mtjnb

    i think groff sauce spent more time laughing than he did speaking 😂

  • Sharon Somma
    Sharon Somma

    Jonathan’s laugh is everything I ever needed🥺❤️

  • mairenyaf

    They are so married

  • Bella The Awesome
    Bella The Awesome

    Clap twice if u believe Josh gad is real

  • Noelle Marrazzo
    Noelle Marrazzo

    I swear josh gad is hilarious

  • whentheworldexplodes 23679
    whentheworldexplodes 23679

    I fell off my chair laughing when Josh imitated a reindeer lol

  • Paul Lannister
    Paul Lannister

    What a nice man buying a birthday cake to a fan 😊 Typical Olaf move.

  • Isabella Brand
    Isabella Brand

    LOVE Josh Gad he’s so genuine! And Jonathan is just a sweet guy 🥰

  • Chickenwings

    0:56 lol

  • Sarah Mcdonald
    Sarah Mcdonald

    The 128 dislikes are Samantha

  • Tae Tae
    Tae Tae

    jonathan’s wheeze is the only reason why i’m still here today

  • Deetra _161
    Deetra _161

    0:41 best French accent

  • Damn Loretta
    Damn Loretta

    This interview cleared my skin. It's so refreshing to see these kind of men, so natural in their own way, embracing their real personalities and sexualities, not those type of toxic masculinity shit.

  • Sam Gosche
    Sam Gosche

    Josh Gad looks like Hulk from Endgame... in a good way!

  • Zay Salim
    Zay Salim

    God bless Jonathan Groff for just sitting there an laughing the whole time, he's so precious

  • TOTTA salvatori
    TOTTA salvatori

    1:20 How cute ❤

  • Liberty Jay
    Liberty Jay

    Josh Gad is just a funny, funny man.

  • khalifmathiskm

    They look like two gay dads at their child’s PTA meeting

    • Jada 227
      Jada 227


    • Stevi Faccenda
      Stevi Faccenda

      I couldnt believe it when I found out Josh Gad wasnt gay!

    • Anne

      khalifmathiskm yes😂

    • Aubrey Murray
      Aubrey Murray

      Omg yesss 😂😂😂



  • banufshay.aejaz

    Imagine that lady tho!! If she ever plays two truths and a lie, she could use "OLAF BOUGHT ME A CAKE FOR MY 30TH BIRTHDAY" as a truth 😂