BGC9 Rima Best Moments
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  • Alvin Del Rey
    Alvin Del Rey

    I love Rima :)

  • RobbyIsFromTheShire

    At least Rima wasn’t scared of anyone

  • Gillian Brawn1
    Gillian Brawn1

    Rima is my least favourite

  • kellianne spry
    kellianne spry

    she had potential but then she bullied andrea

  • hxneyy

    Rima was weak her Ashley Julie and Falen only did all that shut to Andrea because she was little everytime Erika did something to Rima blonde just sit there but when Andrea did something she got all tuff they would’ve never did all that shit to Meghan or Christina especially Erika Rima was weak and she got on my fucking nerves this season.

  • Sam

    lol NO ebst moemtns xD

  • J J
    J J

    Her story in BFC was like Elease of BGC 8. They were bullied at first but when the table turned, they did exactly to the new girl

  • Dolla Holla
    Dolla Holla

    “I always sit there with my hands in the air like who’s dick do got to suck because I’m not waiting in line” wonder meghan said ur trash..u got a son...get some class

  • Louise Preacely
    Louise Preacely

    She deserved to be bullied she was a scary ass follower

  • BJ Weathers
    BJ Weathers

    Meghan was the cutest girl in the house

  • Stephanie S
    Stephanie S

    Puuuunk. All those were well deserved ass whoopin’s. We just needed to let the tape play out and see who this bitch was when she thought she was runnin shit. I love that after all that runnin her mouth all the bitches that got booted came back and Rima not only looked scared witless, but she said not a fuckin wooooord. Busta bitch.

  • Vanessa Swint
    Vanessa Swint

    Rima is a hypocrite, weak, scary ass bitch..I used to like her or whatever but now I really hate her

  • Taneesha Freidus
    Taneesha Freidus

    @ 8:15 is that a black eye Christina has from rima

  • Jennifer Mirian Hernandez
    Jennifer Mirian Hernandez

    Megan dont have ass she got back lmao

  • teona Stafford love hate thug life
    teona Stafford love hate thug life

    Wht she did to Megan y she ain’t do tht to Erika and who still watching in 2019

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous

    She reminds me of a younger version of my former mother in law and I hate her

  • Tamara Burgess
    Tamara Burgess

    I don't understand bitch I don't understand. I don't understand bitch I don't understand. 🤣🎶🎼🎵

  • Hate Socializing
    Hate Socializing

    Watched the Erika video like 12 times and thought she was a victim, after finding this for the first time. She deserved everything.

  • Ty Young
    Ty Young

    *Gets ass beat* Rima: I feel relieved.

  • Ty Young
    Ty Young

    Meghan over Rima anyday

  • Manuel Cornejo
    Manuel Cornejo

    Rima wasnt traumatizing nothing she got beat and Christina will do it again

  • Manuel Cornejo
    Manuel Cornejo

    I like rima but i like Christina better and Christina whooped that ass

  • Manuel Cornejo
    Manuel Cornejo

    Erika aint scared of charlie

  • Alana Box
    Alana Box

    She was rlly wack but one thing I loved about her was her confidence

  • Looco-_-kiid

    Karma hit rima hard

  • Spread Love
    Spread Love

    I still don’t get how Meghan let her pour all that cranberry juice on her

  • Zaynebb Elm
    Zaynebb Elm

    Rima is just a queeennnn.

  • Hi

    Christina all the way ✊🏽 she’s not a follower or a bully

  • Zeus Monroe
    Zeus Monroe

    "Your a BAD GIRL deal with it"

  • Ka Rina
    Ka Rina

    Idc what anyone’s says. Rima is really pretty

    • Ka Rina
      Ka Rina

      Just ghetto

  • Life with Mercedes
    Life with Mercedes

    Omg she a hoe

  • Madison J
    Madison J

    Rima did all that woe is me when she was getting bullied just to turn around and do it to the next girl with the SAME girls that did it to her. Thats crazy 😭

    • Jim_Pin

      Madison J Oh sorry, I read your comment wrong

    • Madison J
      Madison J

      Jim_Pin im talking about how she did it to Andrea

    • Jim_Pin

      Madison J Are you talking about Mehgan or Andrea?

  • Barbara Hardison
    Barbara Hardison

    Omg I love Erika 😍

  • Curlyfortag 15
    Curlyfortag 15

    Rima you are really mean your a mean ass bitch

  • Curlyfortag 15
    Curlyfortag 15

    Roma your are so fake like I don’t like you the weak b***h

  • Barbara Hardison
    Barbara Hardison

    Zuly is sucha punk asf 🤦🖕

  • Barbara Hardison
    Barbara Hardison

    Christina knocked Mario coins out of Rimas face 😂 😱🤦😂😂

  • Barbara Hardison
    Barbara Hardison

    Falen "I'm drunk" 😂. Most iconic thing ever to say 😂 💀 🤣

  • Tea With Leil
    Tea With Leil

    she only won 1 fight and that was with julie

  • Sayee Kannah
    Sayee Kannah

    I swear every one on one fight Rima had I heard her scream