AirPods Pro - "Real Review"
AirPods Pro - "Real Review"
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  • Flossy Carter
    Flossy Carter

    #Squad Roll Call

    • Jeff Da Marine
      Jeff Da Marine

      Those ExpressPodz are garbage. I received mine in the mail today.

    • Vanshdeep Bhardwaj
      Vanshdeep Bhardwaj

      Never received mine since I ordered on Nov 13, 2019 and finally today got a refund after I had to complain about them to the Credit card company and Law Enforcement in Canada. IT IS A TOTAL SCAM !!!!!!!

    • Ryan Reid
      Ryan Reid

      Mye Pssp 😍

    • Ryan Reid
      Ryan Reid

      Mye Pssp me tooo!

    • Christine Li-Grining
      Christine Li-Grining


  • Tricen

    Your taking them out wrong there meant to be taken out with your finger put your finger behind it and put a little force and I will come out and you won’t have to rotate it when you put it in your ear like the old ones

  • My_dixie_rekt

    My testosterone after watching this video:📈

  • Diego Luna
    Diego Luna

    Flossy, are you ever going to make a follow up video over the fake airpod pros?

  • gayasscroissant

    My friend said he'll sell me airpods pro for £150 is it worth it

  • Casey Rowe
    Casey Rowe

    My friend gave away his airpod pros today for free cause he said they were wack

  • Rodrigo Rigo
    Rodrigo Rigo

    Where is the Airpods Pro Clone review? Did you receive your new order?

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter


  • Ckim27

    The express pods u got were actually real airpods. Basically played you into advertising for them and scamming thousands of people.

  • Jason Hastings
    Jason Hastings

    The vents was a genius addition. I wish every wireless bud would add those. I'm not sure who wants to feel pressure in their ears

    • Bryan Rubio
      Bryan Rubio

      Jason Hastings I have them and I can still feel a bit of pressure

  • Korey Tubbs
    Korey Tubbs

    You flossy pls let me get that instrumental beat the jawn go hardddddd

  • CarusoGOAT

    Should i buy the airpods pro or the bose soundsport free ? I have a samsung btw

    • CarusoGOAT

      @Flossy Carter for lifestyle and when im training in the gym

    • Flossy Carter
      Flossy Carter

      For what use?

  • Elisabeth

    Where is your fake AirPods pro video? Why did u delete it? You never got back to us on whether your second purchase was legit or a ripoff.

    • M

      @Elisabeth FLOSS WAS IN ON THE SCAM.

    • Elisabeth

      One important thing to always remember, you get what u pay for and no way in hell is any Chinese company gonna sell u an exact copy of any Apple product for 50% or 75% less than Apple charges. No way no how. They have to make money on the scam so they have to sell u junk. China even has fake Apple stores. Can u believe that shit? Only in

    • Elisabeth

      Jayden The Pro Kid 900 bro call Paypal quick and get your money back. I called Paypal today and they told me that thousand of ppl called to say they’ve been ripped off too. Paypal said the company is being investigated for fraud and they dumped them. I got all my money back from Paypal. I now feel stupid to fall for this shit. The least Flossy could have done is get back to us letting us know it’s all a scam but he just deleted the video and didn’t make a follow up video warning ppl. Thousands and thousands of ppl went and bought these rip off fake AirPods after watching his video. Not cool man.

    • Jayden The Pro Kid 900
      Jayden The Pro Kid 900

      Same here. Looks like he deleted it for good . First he unlisted it then he deleted . I still haven’t received mine . 🤦🏻‍♂️..

    • 305kingMLW

      I was looking around and i noticed that i cant find the website anymore, the express pods site seems to be have been deleted without a trace.

  • Francisco Rodriguez
    Francisco Rodriguez

    Hey @Flossy I'm thinking about getting the Huawei freebuds 3. Can you please let us know when you post your review of them if the system language when it starts up starts in English or Chinese? And which supplier you ordered from please. Thanks in advance bro. Keep up the great work

  • HB

    Floss, your reviews are very important to me (your singing, not so much😏). I own the galaxy note 10 + & I need to know if you recommend the airpod pro with my phone? I drive a noisy truck, so noise cancelation is important. I know the airpods are not 100% compatible with Android . I'm confused as to whether I'll be getting Top Notch performance, trouble free connectivity, and noise cancelling technology. these are the three things that are important to me. I don't need every last gimmick. Master Floss.. Speak thy wisdom

  • Konstantin Kh
    Konstantin Kh

    Flossy, get us a review of Cambridge Audio Melomania 1......

  • Quincy Sinette
    Quincy Sinette

    What you recommended the 250 price ??? That’s hard to say in 2019.

  • Quincy Sinette
    Quincy Sinette

    Man you gotta bump Wale “white shoes”. . . Blessings✌️

  • Quincy Sinette
    Quincy Sinette

    I’m filling some of your reviews. I like your honesty.m your a bit long winded. Your selection of songs are boss.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Saying I should get the Sonys over the AirPods pro interesting

  • GamerBoy 000
    GamerBoy 000

    White shoes... C A L M D O W N

  • Douglas Jones
    Douglas Jones

    The number one reviewer on you tube no doubt . great work and the honesty is what we want and you deliver.

  • Douglas Jones
    Douglas Jones

    Ipod pro 250 ? The packaging experience is always boring with there headphone , so cheap they are and we know they make alot of money for over charged products.

  • Douglas Jones
    Douglas Jones

    How the heck you have 500 plus dumbs down lol, i know its because theres a strong cult following of apple and there ears and brain are brainwashed to the truth..Its the same story with people who love Bose everything, i think Bose and apple are related somewhere lol. They both make good stuff but cannot deal on same level as the higher grade electronics in the categories in which they reside in , headphones or speakers....sennheiser b&o master & dynamic , sony , and a few more are better so ipods belong below these no doubt...stop the crying apple and bose followers...

  • MattExposed0011


  • R1_Rebe1

    Down to a science. 🔥💪

  • Hellomynameis

    No one: Flossy Carter: talk amongst yourselves

  • Infinite Player
    Infinite Player

    Now people will call me broke with my fake AirPods which I cut the wires off my earbuds. People used to call me rich. But, not anymore.

  • Chandler T
    Chandler T

    white shoes cute

  • Trey Lawrence
    Trey Lawrence

    2:35 clean white box... giggity😂😂

  • Victoria Lima
    Victoria Lima

    “ im gonna slap these in my ears” ah love this too much

  • handheldnintendofan

    Only 1 color option "White shoes white" 😂

  • Kevin Stewart
    Kevin Stewart

    Yo Floss What's up with those Express Pods Pro? @flossycarter

  • Jeremy Brannon
    Jeremy Brannon

    Which ones are best for calls

  • GuyFoxHimself

    Pretty disappointing that the well-respected reviewer that Flossy is, he can't come out and tell his followers that this is a scam. Comments flooded with followers that ordered due to his video and have not received their product and even many that paid through PayPal have not gotten a refund. No response from Flossy on how his second order to another address went. I will tell you how it didn't. He didn't get them, we didn't get ours and they got our money. Flossy needs to step up and advise us it's a scam and he was had. I will still follow him. He's my go-to reviewer but too good to be true is the story with this one. I also notice that his video is now deleted. That says it all right there.

    • Arthur Shanklin
      Arthur Shanklin

      @Ahmad Dari me too, I wanted a follow up video about those scam Air Pods Pro. It looked too good to be true.

    • Ahmad Dari
      Ahmad Dari

      I was about to buy one but I thought, hmm its too good to be true so I didn't, I'm here actually looking for comments to check if it was a scam or not, seems as I expected, it was a big smart scam !

  • May Almah
    May Almah

    6.37 the moment you have been waiting for, btw i like when u sing, it gives me goosebumps haha joking

  • Keqx II
    Keqx II

    So what ur saying is I have to buy a USB C to lightning adapter

  • Jeremiah Aviles
    Jeremiah Aviles


  • Gage Gwynn
    Gage Gwynn

    Marques Brownlee: I’m going to turn my head a little bit. Flossy Carter: MAXIMUM SHAKEAGE!

  • iLLWiLL

    Flossy man cover up your license plate

  • Darky Stealthy
    Darky Stealthy

    Don’t know if I should get this or the senheiser momentum true wireless. I have a xs max btw