16" Macbook Pro First Impressions!
Hands on with the 16" Macbook Pro, the newest best Apple laptop!
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  • getta samson
    getta samson

    awesome Comboo the Apple’s new 16-inch MacBook Pro and the lightblade lamp by lumiy WOWOW

  • Osiris

    uses intel processor in this day and age

  • Airi Iyama
    Airi Iyama

    Well... time for my wallet to get empty... forever... 😭

  • Baconface McGee
    Baconface McGee

    It’s 98.5 watt hours or something like that...

  • Ahmed Mudkip
    Ahmed Mudkip

    4:20 what's *nuggative* 💀

  • Jason Robinson
    Jason Robinson

    what's that wallpaper? the desert, with the sun in the background?

  • axestradaa

    where can I find this wallpaper?

  • Master Swordz
    Master Swordz

    blackmagic speedtest for the base model please

  • Ryan Hong
    Ryan Hong

    Early 2014 MacBook Air gang rise up

  • Rahi Narang
    Rahi Narang

    Oh . So it sucks one more inch now.

  • Nard Dog
    Nard Dog

    Bout to get this stallion

  • Naicol Nark
    Naicol Nark

    I will only buy a MacBook when they make a foldable touch screen!....

  • Muhammadh Imdaadh
    Muhammadh Imdaadh

    Where is ur review bro?

  • Kumar Yashwant
    Kumar Yashwant

    Can you review a Linux based Laptop? Like a System76 laptop for people not very Mac/Windows friendly?

  • Anot

    No render or specs review, just the outfit?

  • thepixelpusher

    Already walked away from the gimmicky touchbar!? No wonder app developers didn’t code for it.

  • kandrika venkat Aditya sarma
    kandrika venkat Aditya sarma

    The song which he plays to demonstrate speaker quality is called Equilibre by Hocus Pocus.

  • Jonathan Ritter
    Jonathan Ritter

    lol that webcam quality is disgusting

  • J

    It's a shame that Apple didn't upgrade their display to OLED, I mean the Touch Bar itself is OLED. I like the bigger display of the 16" but the weight gain makes me hesitate buying one.

  • Sushil Patil
    Sushil Patil

    what wallpaper is that @1:05 ?? link plz !!

  • Shahreyar Jamal
    Shahreyar Jamal

    I think there is mo.matt finish on it thats why he is not going to love it

  • jeffry

    You didnt say which intel cpu they are using u just said i6-i9? God damm u are the worst tech reviewer

  • huttio srreu
    huttio srreu

    But can I improve the chemistry of my relationship with my gf through the 16" screen?

  • Amrit Sahani
    Amrit Sahani

    Hope you enjoy all with the new MacBook pro - may you just confer me to a MacBook which you really don't use

  • גל בדיחי
    גל בדיחי

    can u give me for free MacBook 16' ? (preferred the upgrade one; but the basic is good either ) I always wanted one for editing my painting videos , but can't afford :)

  • Devil Ly
    Devil Ly

    Why can't all Apple workers help the customers buying the Apple products a week before the released date? "No,no don't buy that, there will be a new one coming up soon", I mean come on, at least hint us instead of barging us in...

    • huttio srreu
      huttio srreu

      15-inch or 16-inch, it's still too big for me. Now if Apple came up with a 14-inch MBP with the same footprint as the current 13-inch models...

  • Everyday Techy
    Everyday Techy

    Excellent video I’m still rocking the 2015 13” MBP with a smile on my face and honestly.... It isn’t wind 😁

  • Peter shr
    Peter shr

    Apple lowered the prices of some iPhones, they switched back to scissor keys, im scared

  • sotuur aeei
    sotuur aeei

    But can I improve the chemistry of my relationship with my gf through the 16" screen?

  • Jaishree Bahuguna
    Jaishree Bahuguna

    What's that wallpaper

  • Epri Wahyu Pratiwi
    Epri Wahyu Pratiwi

    I love the way how you review the products!

  • TechRoll

    Can I play Crysis tho..

    • vinasu maaj
      vinasu maaj

      I'm just disappointed at all the wasted space around the keyboard when they could have easily fit a numpad there

  • Esteban Ramirez
    Esteban Ramirez

    Minute 1:06 wallpaper?

    • sotuur aeei
      sotuur aeei

      When it comes the keyboard, I’m surprised Apple didn’t tag it with the typical ‘To move forward, you’ve got to go back’ bullshit

  • Enes Alptekin Canlı
    Enes Alptekin Canlı

    smile more

  • MikeCharlieAlpha

    Can’t wait until they’re touchscreen and bezel was

  • piby 180
    piby 180

    Nothing changed folks

  • Harold Ajagu
    Harold Ajagu

    Does anyone just pause and appreciate Marques' video editing skill. Smooth AF, the quality, the clarity....that's why you're the best...👊🏽

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy

      1:45 dang that shot is beautiful

  • John Williams
    John Williams

    THIS IS PERFECTION!!! I'm thinking of switching from Windows for the first time in my life.

  • Odin Asgard
    Odin Asgard

    The GPU performance is amazing, but sadly that means Apple will stick to that GPU for a few more years.

    • gtoss chddy
      gtoss chddy


  • Mahir Bansal
    Mahir Bansal

    is there a giveaway??

    • Mahir Bansal
      Mahir Bansal