16-inch MacBook Pro Unboxing and First Impressions!
Unboxing the new 16-inch MacBook Pro. I edited this entire video on it using FCPX!
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      getta samson

      #ijustine why are you loving the #Lumiy lightblade like CRAZY .. I LOVE MINE TOOOOOOO!!


      We love you Apple iJustine.

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      Mr Electro

      Win 10 for life

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      Here! 😜

  • Saif Yusuf
    Saif Yusuf

    Love From In India 😍😍

  • Konstantin Sembos
    Konstantin Sembos

    Actually, the pricing on the new 16" MacBook Pro is kick ass compared to the 15". You get 1TB with the i9 option, as opposed to 512GB that you used to get with the 15", for the same exact price. Not to mention, an additional 16.4Wh of battery capacity will make some difference. 10h of battery life was almost not attainable on the last one, 11h now seems plausible. Don't get me wrong, the "wealthy nations" aka Europe are still being hit by a ridiculous Apple Tax (on top of the higher sales tax, or VAT), but still the value for money proposition of the 16" MacBook Pro as opposed to the 15" is significantly better! Even for us Europeans, who have to pay about the equivalent of $200 more for this, ON TOP OF THE SALES TAX DIFFERENCE!!!

  • Anahi Robinett
    Anahi Robinett

    You’re weird 🥴 but I really like your videos

  • Ninda Turtles
    Ninda Turtles

    dang, you look something out of conjuring with makeup

  • summer phillips
    summer phillips

    Wish I had enough money as Justine imagine being able to buy the newest apple product like damn I wish

  • shellie moore
    shellie moore

    Why are these apple 🍎 stickers so important????

  • TheCpHaddock

    You're a beautiful woman who's also the ugly side of consumerism :/

  • Sophia Williams
    Sophia Williams

    I wish they had it where you can plug your phone in but 😩

  • Sophia Williams
    Sophia Williams

    I seen you on. Vampire diaries 😱 just for a little bit like your own for like a second

  • Russ Mess
    Russ Mess

    Nice that you can finally eat again when working on a MBP. Butterflies and food did not mix. Good choice for testing - Tool.

  • Dragutin Maric
    Dragutin Maric

    Apple is a load of shit

  • Krilx

    I want it. But I can't have it. I want to be a smart guy. But it's hard. I have an old phone (Samsung S5). And can't get an iPhone 11. Why is life so hard?

  • adel lover
    adel lover

    would u recommend this mac cause I might get one myself and can u actually compare this to the old 17-inch model from 2009

  • cynisdaone

    I love red velvet cake 😋

  • Alex Lamprey
    Alex Lamprey

    MacBooks If there is a bigger screen? This One Is a Model To The 15 Inch MacBooks Instead 2 Colours! 😜

  • Miro Emin
    Miro Emin

    Ok no offense buuuut those hands look like old lady hands😂

  • Abinash Sarma
    Abinash Sarma

    Can anyone tell me how it feels to be in an Apple environment? 😢😢 I'm currently in a mess of Windows, Android, Linux.

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    Average Vlogger

    When you know the feel of the wraping...

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    Julianna Amezola

    ijustine with tech is me with my Conchas

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    Iliana B.

    this machine is just beeeautiful

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    Love ❤️

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    noor no_._9

    ❤️Beautiful ❤️

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    noor no_._9


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    Keshav Raj


  • Guess Who
    Guess Who

    Samsung can’t beat that with their useless feature, charge your phone in a trackpad, and yet dumb people are amaze by it.

  • Me gamer Pro
    Me gamer Pro

    You are a very good girl you decided it

  • LightSpeed

    Apple drone

  • Tuhin Zaman
    Tuhin Zaman

    Used Tool for an audio test... That sells it for me, best tech review ever!

  • גל בדיחי
    גל בדיחי

    can u give me for free MacBook 16' ? (preferred the upgrade one; but the basic is good either ) I always wanted one for editing my painting videos , but can't afford :)

  • Yusuf CAKICI
    Yusuf CAKICI

    HI Justine.how long does it take to edit this video? İm Just asking your work. Hour

  • nini

    the fact that the vid was released on release day

  • sonya

    I really love the new 16 inch screen with smaller bezels... i'm having a hard time deciding whether I should get the 16 inch or the 13 inch pros. Currently I have the late 2013 15 inch macbook pro. Sadly, the 16 inch is the same weight as this one which got me bummed out. I need it just for work, university work, and sometimes gaming (rarely). Which one should I get? Or should I wait for Apple to release a 14 inch macbook pro with smaller bezels.. if they're even doing that?

  • Special Order 937
    Special Order 937

    How in the hell is it possible that Apple hasn’t addressed the GINORMOUS charging brick!? Honestly...

  • SMR _0219
    SMR _0219

    Nice to look at~~

  • Soph Holliday
    Soph Holliday

    Can anyone help: How do you use your MacBook Pro’s storage for files when you have iCloud Drive set up? Thanks

  • Roger Starchild
    Roger Starchild

    Can the Ram and ssd hard-drive be updated

  • Stirup Gift
    Stirup Gift

    Lg gram 17inch FTW quad core i7 24gb 1.5tbssd.

  • 5UFY4N U883R
    5UFY4N U883R

    7:48 you fina get mugged